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Crew Currency

Crew Currency configuration

Leon can follow the crew currency for the pilots in your company. In Settings > Crew Currency you can set up the different types of currency your company follows. First mark the checkboxes next to the currencies you want to use to activate them (number of days is editable for each currency type) and then tick the positions for which the currency should be followed for particular aircraft types.

Number of landings and Pilot Flying in the Journey Log

For the currency to be calculated correctly, when you fill in the Journey Log after the flight, you must fill in the Pilot flying field (Leon will suggest the codes for pilots on this particular flight). Remember that two pilots can be inserted in the format XXX/YYY – this is the indication that pilot XXX was taking off and pilot YYY was landing – this way the currencies that include take-off and landings will be calculated for the two pilots (XXX for take-off and YYY for landing). Also, in the Journey Log, fill in the number of landings. For regular flights, it will be 1, but in case of training flights or simulators there can be more and that is also included in some of the currency types.

Once an appropriate number of flights is scheduled in the system and the Journey Logs are filled in correctly, Leon will display currency status for each pilot in three critical places: the roster (under the dot next to the crew member's name), the schedule (when you hover the mouse over the crew code) and the report Crew Currency (Reports > Crew > Crew Currency).

Click below for the video tutorial on the crew currency feature:

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