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Endorsements definitions

Endorsement definition setup

Leon can store the crew and staff documents such as licences, visas, medicals, trainings, etc. The general term we use for this whole area is “Endorsements”. Endorsements are assigned to function groups, ie. cockpit and cabin.

In order to be able to assign endorsements to groups, and then further manage them for specific users, they need to be defined (just like when you defined duties that can be later used in the roster). To create a list of available endorsements go to Settings > Crew Endorsements and click “New endorsement”. A pop-up window will show where you can create a single endorsement. The basic requirements to add an endorsement are:

  • Name of the endorsement
  • Type
  • Function groups/positions
  • Aircraft type

So, ie. if you are adding a captain’s licence, the example setup would be:

  • Name - the name of the licence
  • Type – licence
  • Function groups/positions: CPT, CPT2, CPT3
  • Aircraft – the types the licence applies to

Endorsement notifications

Endorsement notification setup

After the list of endorsements for your company is ready, you can set up a notification system which will inform various users of the expiring endorsements and that can be set up in the tab “Mailing Rules” of the same section.

Once the endorsements are defined, you can go to each user’s “personal endorsements” section in their profile and add details such as numbers, issue dates, expiry dates, scans, etc.

Click below for a step by step video tutorial on how to create endorsement definitions as well as how to work with endorsements in the system:

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