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Fleet documents

Fleet documents setup

Just as the documents for crew and ground staff, Leon can store aircraft documentation. In Settings > Fleet documents Setup click the link “Documents definitions” to create the database of fleet documents.

  • Add a document name
  • Select document type from the dropdown list
  • To add another one click the green arrow

To assign documents to particular aircraft, click on the registration number and mark the documents for that aircraft in the column “Use”. The column “Req” refers to documents required for dispatch. If this checkbox is ticked, Leon will issue a warning when trying to add a flight when a particular document is expired on the aircraft assigned to that flight.

To set up details of each of the documents go to MAINTENANCE menu > Fleet > select the aircraft. In the tab “Documents” you will see all documents assigned to this particular aircraft. Click on any document to add details.

It is also possible to notify about expiring documents by selecting the person from the “Send notification to:” drop-down.

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