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Flight editing

The next tab is Flight editing (which can also be found in Settings > Flight Editing). Here we have settings helping in the process of adding and editing flights. The most important ones at this stage are:

Default trip type - each added flight, when edited, will have a chosen type: PAX, Flight for Owner, Training flight, Simulator, Technical, Ambulance, Crew Private, Cargo. We recommend PAX for commercial flights.

Trip edit scheme - allows setting PAX/Cargo or both as default values to be entered into the EDIT TRIP panel.

Check airport opening hours - Leon can monitor airports opening hours and show a warning if you try to add a flight where STD/STA is outside the opening hours.

* Hide status for scheduled flights - flight status dot will be invisible for scheduled flights in OPS section page.

* Show max range exceeding warning - max aircraft range can be defined in an aircraft edition page.

Allow not completed JL to be entered - this option allows you to add not completed Journey Log to the system after the flight (times only). This is for the rare cases when the Times in JL are needed for maintenance purposes when the aircraft is out of the home base. Then the aircraft comes back to the home base after a number of days, the rest of the JL can be filled in.

* Auto-update expiry training date - this setting will automatically update airport recency for the pilot given the checkbox “Airport recency” is marked in the Airport Directory and the journey logs are filled incorrectly.

Journey Log items

Journey Log items

Here you can select the items you would like to have in your Journey Log. The fuel items are mandatory. The changes made in this section will be applied on the next flight that is added to the schedule.

OPS and Sales Checklists Items

Checklist items

Checklists are very important parts for OPS and sales teams in the flight preparation process. They are like a TO-DO list before the flight can take place. Here you can select the items that will be later used when preparing the flight. Each of those will have a set of statuses that will allow seeing at which stage of preparation each item is.

The changes applied to this section will be applied to the next flight that is added to the system. In the Checklist, select the option +ADD ITEM to add a newly added item. This only needs to be done once. The item will be added to all following flights automatically.

Custom Delay Codes

Here you can define your own Delay Codes which then will be used in Journey Log and Flight Watch. All the other codes are sourced from the database.

GAR Emails Tab

Similar to handling requests, here you can set up a default CC email and a content for all GAR emails sent out from Leon. This will only apply until April 2020. After this date GAR forms have to be submitted online at Submit a General Aviation Report (GAR) page.

Click below for a step by step video tutorial on the above settings as well as some instructions on how to configure and send out GAR emails from Leon.

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