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Fuel Prices

Fuel prices on the flight

Leon allows uploading fuel prices from various suppliers in your account. When a fuel supplier provides you with the cvs file including the fuel prices, such file can be uploaded in Leon, in menu OPS > Fuel Prices. Find the supplier’s name and upload the file using the “Choose file” button.

When in OPS, click on a flight, and in the tab FUEL in the panel on the right, you will see a selection of fuel providers for both the airport of departure and the airport of destination (the green one also being the cheapest one). You can include the selected prices on the trip sheet by ticking the box “Show on tripsheet” and clicking SAVE. In this section, it is also possible to add a custom supplier by clicking on the ”+“ icon next to the airport code and filling in the necessary details.

Click below for an overview of the fuel prices feature in Leon:

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