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List of contacts in the Phonebook

Phonebook is a place in Leon, where all possible contacts are stored. It is found in Tools > Phonebook. If you have completed the initial installation (QUICK START), you will notice that the phonebook consists of the users you have already added – crews, ops, etc. Now you can add the database of your regular passengers and clients. The process is pretty much the same as the full edit when adding a crew member (only here no access details are sent out).

To add a new person (either client or a passenger) click the link “New Person” (or “New Company” if you would like to add a company) and fill in all the required details. If this person is a client, mark the “Client” checkbox – this way they will be available to use as clients of particular flights/trips. If this checkbox is not ticked the contact will be considered as a passenger and will only be able to be used as a passenger on a flight.

If you are adding a new company, at the bottom of the page you will find the link “Show company contacts” which allows you to add details of the company representatives. Simply click on the link, then on a green arrow and enter the details. Use the green arrow again to add another contact or a red cross to remove the contact. Once the contacts are added, in the section OPS, in the tabs PAX and TRIP, they can be added as passengers or clients. Their details will then be transferred to the documents of the flight.


Label definitions

In the top left corner of the Phonebook, you can find a link “Labels” where you can define labels to use for filtering at various places of the system. They should not be the positions like CPT or CAPTAIN as those are already assigned as functions, which the system also allows filtering by. To add a label, use the link “1”.

Labels are more for your personal use, like ADMINS, OPS, MANAGEMENT, so that then you can assign those labels to users in their profiles to be able to then filter the lists of users in various reports or on the roster (ie. when you want to display the roster for management only).

Click below for a quick tutorial on how to move around and utilise the phonebook:

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