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SAFTE-FAST is the validated and widely used fatigue model used to assess fatigue for an entire workforce.

In aviation, it is the same model used by the US Federal Aviation Administration suitable for assessment of pairings, planned rosters, and as-flown rosters.

SAFTE-FAST provides an integrated and science-based process for analysis of fatigue risk in an entire workforce or in individual cases, identifying fatigue factors that inform mitigation decisions.

SAFTE-FAST provides the most trustworthy predictions of crew performance that maximizes the benefits of fatigue risk management, improves safety, minimizes errors and incidents, improves morale, and enhances productivity.

More information about SAFTE-FAST can be found here.

How to integrate Leon with SAFTE-FAST

'SAFTE-FAST' in 'Add-ons' section

Integration with SAFTE-FAST is available in the 'Settings' > 'Add-ons' section > 'Risk Management' subceton.

In order to integrate with SAFTE-FAST you need to contact the company at and require integration with Leon. SAFTE-FAST then contacts Leon and Leon activates the integration.

How the integration works

Once the integration is activated, the SAFTE-FAST option will be available in the 'Crew Timeline view.

There are 2 ways in which the crew data can be analyzed:

  • Per single crew member
  • For all crew members

Analyzing data per single crew member

Single crew member analysis option

In order to receive a fatigue score for a single crew the below steps need to be followed:

  1. Right-clicking the mouse on the crew code in the Crew Timeline
  2. Select the 'SAFTE-FAST' option in the dropdown menu

Selecting the 'SAFTE-FAST' option for a particular crew member will result in SAFTE-FAST analyzing the crew fatigue in a pop-up window in Crew Timeline.

Initially, 'Waiting for server to download proper data from SafteFast' message will appear.

If there is no data ina given period, 'Nothing to calculate for user -USER CODE- in given time period' message will appear.

'SAFTE-FAST' results table

After few moments, Leon will display the results from 'SAFTE-FAST' in a form of a table including:

  • Effectiveness score on departure and arrival
  • Reservoir score on departure and arrival
  • Percent Below Criterion on a flight

The score brackets are as follow:

  • Effectiveness
    • - indicates 'Exceeded' and applies to the values ≤65
    • - indicates 'Warning' and applies to the values >65 and ≤75
    • - indicates 'Soft Warning' and applies to the values >76 and ≤90
    • - indicates 'Good' and applies to the values >91
  • Reservoir
    • - indicates 'Exceeded' and applies to the values ≤65
    • - indicates 'Warning' and applies to the values >65 and ≤75
    • - indicates 'Soft Warning' and applies to the values >76 and ≤90
    • - indicates 'Good' and applies to the values >91
  • Percent
    • Exceeded for values >20
    • Warning for values > 10
    • Soft Warning for values > 1


The data is analyzed based on the flights, positionings, and duties, and for the flights and positionings within a timeframe selected in the Crew Timeline filter.

The data is analyzed within Leon based on the SAFTE-FAST model. Leon does not send any data to SAFTE-FAST.

Analyzing data for all the crew members

All crew analysis in 'SAFTE-FAST

It is also possible to monitor Crew fatigue in the Crew Timeline for all the crew members in a selected period of time.

In the main 'Crew Timeline' view, click on the icon located in the top-right corner of the page and select the 'Run Safte-Fast analysis' option.

information will appear indicating the initiation of the 'SAFTE-FAST' analysis.

Once the analysis has been performed, to show the level of Crew fatigue, Leon will highlight lines in either orange or red color.

The orange colour of the line indicates:

Effectiveness ≤ 77

Reservoir ≤ 75

Percent below criterion › 10

The red colour of the line indicates:

Effectiveness ≤ 65

Reservoir ≤ 65

Percent below criterion › 20

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