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Step 4. General settings

When configuring the operator account, it is very useful to go through the general settings of the system that can be found in Settings > General Settings.

Default units/formats – here we select default units and formats that will be applied throughout the system, ie. date format or currencies (given that the format is not specified on the templates of particular documents).

Various points throughout the settings can be further specified for specific items - things like weight units or fuel units can be changed for particular aircraft in their profiles. But the general idea of our preferences is defined in the general settings.

Leon inbox settings apply to the internal Leon dashboard that can be found under the tools (spanner) icon, next to your name in the top right corner of the screen > Messages.

Bases – if your company has more than one branch, you can set up bases for different offices. Then, in their respective profiles, you can assign aircraft and users to those bases. This way, if a user A is assigned to one base, when they log in, they will only see the schedule of the aircraft assigned to this base and other users assigned to this base. The rest of the account configurations (document formats, document email configuration, clients, etc.) remains mutual to all bases.

Click below for a detailed video tutorial on this section:

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