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Adding a New Trip

In SCHEDULE you can add a new trip regardless section you work with: TABLE, CALENDAR or TIMELINE.

Adding a new trip in section SCHEDULE

Click button NEW TRIP to add 1 or more legs. Select an aircraft, flight number (Leon assign it automatically if 'Default flight number' has been defined in fleet edition screen), date, STD, ADEP/ADES, STA. You can also add PAX number or leave trip as ferry.

In section CALENDAR you can also add a new trip by right-clicking the mouse over the square.

Buttons UTC & LT allow to switch between times while adding a new trip.

Leon suggests STA if a particular aircraft speed details are added in fleet edition section, using GCD and/or average winds. STA suggestion can also be based on minimum 5 same historical routes.

To add more legs to the trip click + and to delete a leg click

You can also add a new positioning, new office or new reservation by clicking appropriate buttons placed next to NEW TRIP.

Aircraft max range alert

Max range alert with 'Distance' field left empty

We have added an alert if the max range of the aircraft is exceeded.

In order to get the warning working you need to make sure that the following fields are filled in in the Fleet section:

  • Capacity
  • Max range with PAX
  • Max range with 0 PAX
  • Aircraft speeds

When adding a flight, Leon will show a max range alert if:

  • field 'Distance' is filled in when adding a flight and higher than max range for the aircraft in Fleet settings,
  • field 'Distance' is left empty or 0 inserted. In this case Leon will recalculate time of the flight into the distance based on the four values listed above.

If the range is exceeded Leon will also mark the aircraft red in the SCHEDULE view.

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