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-====== Aircraft Allocation ====== 
-[{{ :​leon:​reports:​acft allocation.png?​300|Report '​Aircraft Allocation'​ - daily flights with the allocated crew, cargo & pax data included}}] 
-This report shows daily flights with allocated crew. The additional details are the number of pax and cargo data (if entered to the Journey Log). 
-Details displayed in this report are: date, flight number, ADEP/ADES, STD/STA, Pax number, cargo, supplementary info, CPT, number of crew. 
-You can either display data sorted by Plan (schedule), Available or Journey Logs inputs. 
-It ispossible to export the report to Excel file. When it's done you will see **Revision Number** - how many times the report was printed. Detail **Configuration** means the layout of the aircraft - **Y** stands for economy type of the aircraft. The number next to it is the aircraft capacity (added in Settings > Fleet edition screen). 
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