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Aircraft Crew Positions

Adding crew functions to fleet

Once aircraft are added to Leon you need to add appropriate functions (crew positions) to it. It is very important part of the system because it will allow you to add ratings, assign crew to flights and create duty on aircraft.

In this section select an aircraft type in the filter and mark needed checkboxes.

You can choose the currency for wages.

You can see 5 columns in this section:

  • Use / Default - If you want to use added function every time you add a new flight (i.e. CPT and FO) mark checkboxes in both columns: Use and Default. If some added functions should remain hidden in the Editing flight page, just leave column 'Use' marked.
  • Regular Name - default function available in Leon. Cannot be edited.
  • Operator Name - an editable field which allows applying operator's own rating acronym.
  • Position type - position type on the aircraft. It is helpful when planning the crew on aircraft. More information in the CREW CALENDAR section
  • Wage - basic way of calculating wages.
  • Notes - basic information regarding function i.e. notes next to FO could be 'Copilot'. Notes remain in this section are are NOT displayed anywhere else in Leon.

If the Currency and Wages are set, Leon will be able to calculate wages based on CMT. In order to do it, you need to fill in CMT in JL. The result of this calculation will show in Block Time by Function report.

You can assign function to each part of you business (Flying crew, Maintenance, Ground) by going to different tabs in the top of the screen.

Positioning tab will allow you to assign functions that do not calculate FDP but duty only (PSN) or neither FDP nor Duty (PAD). When PSN will reposition a crew member from one place to another in Leon, PAD will not do it.

UAV positions are associated with non-crew drone operations. They allow assigning the drone navigator to multiple positions during one operation


Default crew positions per tail

It is possible to set up default crew positions not only for aircraft type but also for particular aircraft tail.

This can be set up in the aircraft edition panel, under the tab 'CREW'.

In this tab, a list of positions specified in the section 'Aircraft Crew Positions' is visible.

This list can get further narrowed down for a particular aircraft registration. This is especially useful for operators with many same-type aircraft in their fleet but different requirements as to the necessary crew positions on each tail.

To apply the default positions, 'Use aircraft type defaults' checkbox needs to be unmarked. If the checkbox is marked, crew positions as specified in Aircraft Crew Positions will apply.


CPT Captain
LTC Line Training Captain
FO First Officer
SP Student Pilot
INS Instructor
TRI Type Rating Instructor
SFI Simulator Flight Instructor
FEI Flight Engineering Instructor
EXA Examiner
TRE Type Rating Examiner
LTI Line Training Instructor
LTE Line Training Examiner
FE Flight Engineering
OBS Observer
NAV Navigator
NAI Navigator Instructor
STB Standby
FA Flight Attendant
IFA Instructor Flight Attendant
SFA Student Flight Attendant
FAS Flight Attendant Senior
FAOBS Flight Attendant Observer
EFA Examiner Flight Attendant
SCA Senior Cabin Attendant
CA Cabin Attendant
CAC Cabin Attendant Course
STB Standby
LM Load Master
FM Flight Mechanic
LC Line Checker
FDP Flight Disptcher
SLS Sales
OPS Operations
CHK Check-in
TKT Ticket Desk
HRM Human Resources
QA Quality
MX Maintenance
OFC Office
GI Ground Instructor
ST Safety Trainer
LG Landing Gear
PSN Positioning
PAD Positioning As Deadhead
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