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MVT Messages

This module allows to set up Movement Emails for each aircraft. You can define templates as well as add new templates. When Flight Watch data arrives to Leon a movement email will be sent out to the recipient.


Defining MVT emails: 'Label' & “Reply to email'
Manual sending of MVT Emails

By clicking the icon settings mvt.jpg (next to 'Fleet rules by aircraft') Leon shows the below pop-up window where you can define:

  • From label - a label/name which will appear when the MVT email will arrive.
  • Reply to email - an email address to which a MVT email recipient should reply.

Once the MVT email has been sent (whether it's automatically or manually), Leon will use the above settings and will show the label.

mvt arrived.jpg


Aircraft Movement Templates

There are 8 available default templates which can be modified. It is also possible to define your own templates.

A screenshot below shows an example of the Take Off template's text. In order to add a new template click + and add details such as:

  • Template's name - i.e. “Aircraft owner movement email”.
  • Subject - i.e. “Takeoff movement for (Aircraft registration number)”.
  • Template - the text should contain tags available in Legend.

template text.png

Once the Flight Watch data is filled in an email for the above template would be as on the example below:

“Dear Sirs,

We wish to inform you that the aircraft B-ARTI on flight no BAR21 from WARSAW FREDERIC CHOPIN WAW to GENEVA INTERNATIONAL (GVA) has taken off at 07:15. Aircraft is scheduled to arrive to GENEVA INTERNATIONAL GVA at 09:45. Aircraft has 23 passengers on board.”

Conditional Tags

Example of Content error when creating conditional MVT Message

It is possible to include or exclude empty fields from the MVT Message. In order to do it you need to use Conditional tags.

To create such condition you need to use '#' to open the sentence and '/' to close it, for example:

{{#PAX}} Passenger number on the flight is {{PAX}} {{/PAX}},

where {{#PAX}} is opening the condition and {{/PAX}} is closing it.

In the above case, if the Flight Watch does not include PAX number, or PAX number is 0, this information will not be included in MVT Message. If it is 1 and more, The above sentence will be included in the message.

It is also important to close one condition before opening another. Errors in the template will be highlighted orange in the template and 'SAVE' button will remain inactive until content error is amended.


Defining MVT rules for the aircraft

By clicking on a particular aircraft in a section Fleet Rules Leon opens a new screen where you can select Scenario (Take off, Landing, Aircraft ready, ETA update) and Template (select between those defined on the right-hand side).

You can also insert a recipient's email address as well as CC & BCC email addresses - this should be done for both: take off & landing MVT emails.

Each Rule has 3 checkboxes:

  • Non-ferry flight only - allows to include FERRY flights in MVT Messages (if checkbox is not ticked)
  • Client representative - allows to include Client assigned to the trip in relevant MVT email (if there is a representative assigned to a company, the message will be sent to that representative only, if there is no representative assigned, the email will be sent to the email provided for the Client)
  • Handler - allows to include Handling Agent assigned to the applicable flight in relevant MVT email

A button ADD RULE allows to add custom rules (i.e. a separate rule for a client).

It is possible to assign a single rule to multiple aircraft by selecting them in the rule settings in section Aircraft. In order to turn off the rule, use ON/OFF button nex to the rule. Even if an aircraft have Rules assigned, switching it off will prevent MVT messages being sent for the selected tails.

Aircraft rules.png

ETA UPDATE MVT to client

One of the possibilities, when creating different MVT rules for aircraft, is ETA UPDATE MVT email, which can be sent to a client assigned on the next trip informing him about estimated time of arrival of the aircraft (whether it is a ferry leg or a trip for a different client).


2 trips are added on the same aircraft:

Eta update mvt.jpg

If a Flight Watch on the first flight is filled in with T/O time (indication 'A' displayed), Leon will send a MVT Take Off email to the recipient of the Take Off rule, as well as the ETA UPDATE MVT email to the 2nd leg client. Example of the ETA UPDATE rule & email below:

 Dear Sirs
 We wish to inform you that the aircraft B-ARTI on flight to Geneva International (GVA) has taken off at 1248 (1448 Local time). 
 The aircraft is scheduled to arrive at 1501 (1701 Local time).


The legend contains Tags and right next to them their description plus Test Data column showing examples (see below).

     TAG              DESCRIPTION         TEST DATA
{{ADEP_ICAO}} Airport of departure (ICAO)   EPWA
When defining templates you should only use tags displayed in Legend. In case you need an additional tag, please contact
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