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Manually download request from Avinode

It is possible to download missing requests from Avinode manually.

'Download Avinode request' pop-up window

The process is as follows:

  1. Click on the button located in the bottom-left corner of the main 'Requests/Quotes' view
  2. Insert the missing Avinode ID number in the 'Download Avinode request' pop-up window
  3. Click the 'DOWNLOAD' button to download the request
  4. The missing request should appear on the main list

If the request already exists in Leon, the download will update the existing request.

Empty legs from Avinode

Request for empty leg in Avinode
Requested empty leg including positioning flights

Active integration with Avinode allows downloading requests for empty legs.

Once the empty leg request is downloaded to Leon, Leon creates the full routing including positioning legs if necessary. The aircraft selected in Leon is the same as sent in the empty leg request. If the aircraft does not exist in Leon, the request will not be accepted by Leon.

Leon also calculates the quotation amount based on the pricelists assigned to the aircraft in Settings > Fleet > Sales tab in the aircraft details.

If the downloaded request is for numerous empty legs and for different aircraft, the routing and the quotation are created for each one of them separately.

Edited empty leg request contains 'Avinode empty leg' label next to the 'VAT' box. By clicking on this label, user will get redirected to this request in Avinode.

Request sent from Avinode will show on the list as a new request with 'Avinode' label in 'Updated' column.

Accepting Avinode requests

Option to send acceptance to Avinode
Response and correspondance in Avinode

To accept the quote that comes from Avinode, you need to:

  • Edit the Avinode quote
  • Select 'QUOTE' button in the request edit window
  • In the 'Accept quote?' window you can:
    • Select the aircraft(s) for which you would like to send the response back to Avinode
    • Select email template or type in the additional message, which will appear in Avinode
    • Select 'Send same message to all quotes' option. Applies only if multiple quotes selected
    • Select the attachments that you'd like to send to Avinode. This can be the document template or additional pdf file(s) uploaded to this email
  • Press the 'SEND' button to accept the quote in Avinode

Once the email is sent, the request status will change to 'Accepted'.

The message and files attached will appear in Avinode Marketplace.

It is possible to automatically reject requests in Avinode for the quotes that were not sent as accepted. To activate this option, please mark the 'Automatically reject unanswered quotes' checkbox in Add-ons > Avinode settings.

It is also possible to add Leon quote by selecting the 'ADD QUOTE' button. In this case, Leon would recalculate the quote based on the pricelists assigned to this aircraft in Settings > Fleet > Sales tab.

The updated amount would be sent to Avinode.

If the request from Avinode didn't specify the aircraft registration but only the aircraft type, Leon will create quotes for all the aircraft of the same type available within the Operator fleet.

Rejecting requests from the list

Option to reject a request
Rejected requests in Avinode

It is possible to reject requests directly from the list of requests.

This applies to requests received via Avinode, Owner App, as well as inserted directly in Leon as a New Quote.

To reject a request you need to:

  1. Click with the right-click of the mouse on the request you'd like to reject
  2. Select REJECT REQUEST button
  3. 'Reject' email window will open. There you can select either:
    • - rejects and updates the status of the request only in Leon without updating the status neither in Avinode nor in Owner App
    • - rejects requests and updates the status to 'Rejected' in Leon and Owner App, and to 'Declined' in Avinode

Accepting/Rejecting quotes in Avinode as a Seller

Seller response in Avinode reflected in Leon

Seller responses marked in Avinode reflect in Leon.

This option has to be activated by marking the Update requests and quotes from Avinode setting in the 'Add-ons' > Avinode configuration section.

This checkbox enables automatic request status updates when accepting/declining quotes in Avinode (as a Seller).

Once the response is marked in Avinode, the status is reflected:

  • In the main status of the request - if at least one quote from the request is accepted, the main status is set to 'Accepted' and the request status will change to 'QUOTED'. If all the quotes within the request are rejected
  • In the 'SUMMARY' tab of the request - there, status of each quote is displayed individually

Example of the latter is presented on the right-hand side.

Find subcharter/Compare price in Avinode

Please make sure that the API key provided by Avinode has the privileges to create the trip in Avinode. Without this privilege, the functionality will not work. You can confirm by contacting Avinode TechSupport at
Search subchartes in Avinode

If a request comes from Avinode, there is a possibility of searching and comparing the offers in Avinode.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Edit Avinode request in 'Requests/Quotes' section
  2. Click on button located below the itinerary
  3. You will get redirected to Avinode search engine where the list of available offers by different sellers will be displayed
This option is available both in the requests coming from Avinode as well as added in Leon.

Accepting subcharters from Avinode

Subcharter requested from Avinode

It is possible to accept subcharter flights requested in Avinode.

The process is as follows:

  • Client requests a trip which shows in Leon on the 'Requests/Quotes' list
  • If we, as an operator, are unable to perform the request with our own fleet, we can search for subcharter in Avinode (by clicking on 'FIND SUBCHARTER/COMPARE THE PRICE' button in quote edit section)
  • The request is sent 3rd party operators in Avinode
  • Once the 3rd party operator confirms the request in Avinode, then this request appears in Leon as a subcharter

Subcharted requested from Avinode will contain the details of the aircraft as well as aircraft photos, as long as available in Avinode.

It is possible, that the subcharter operator confirms the request without selecting the aircraft registration. In such a case, the response will still appear in Leon but without the specific registration (and without the aircraft characteristics such as the contact details and the photos).

The subcharter edit window is divided into 5 tabs:

  • BASIC - contains subcharter details such as aircraft details, crew details, contact details (email and phone no.) and aircraft photos, as long as available in Avinode
  • MESSAGES - possibility to reply directly to the Operator email (as long as it is available in the 'BASIC' tab) or to Avinode. More information below
  • AMENITIES - amenities available on the aircraft as well as the interior dimensions. Can be used on the Sales documents for the subcharter
  • SERVICES - section where the Handling, Catering, and PAX Transport can be inserted
  • DOCUMENTS - section where additional aircraft documents can be uploaded

Request accepted/rejected by buyer

Responses from Avinode visible in Leon

Buyer responses to subcharter requested using the 'FIND SUBCHARTER/COMPARE THE PRICE' option are now marked in Leon accordingly, as per the screenshot on the right-hand side.

The tabs are working as per below:

  • - request accepted in Avinode and the tab in the request edition clickable
  • - request not responded in Avinode and the tab in the request edition not clickable
  • - request rejected in Avinode and the tab in the request edition marked red and not clickable


'Messages' tab in Subcharter

In this tab, it is possible to reply to the Broker in Avinode or directly to the Operator.

In order to reply directly to the Operator, Operator's email has to be available in Avinode.

If it is available in Avinode, Leon will import it to Contact email box in 'BASIC' tab and additionally, Leon will automatically create this Operator as a Client in Leon Phonebook.

In order to reply to Operator press REPLY TO OPERATOR link and select:

  • AVINODE - this will reply to the Operator/Broker in Avinode
  • EMAIL - this will allow replying directly to Operator's email as long as it is available in 'BASIC' tab. 'Subcharter message' email template needs to be created in 'Settings' > 'Email templates'

Currently, replies from all the brokers will display under one 'Messages' window.

If a quote comes from AVINODE, Leon will show only messages for sending a Flight Quotation (button QUOTE) and sending rejection (button REJECT). All other messages can show only if a panel MAILBOXES has been set up.

Leon identifier in Avinode

Example of Leon identifier in Avinode

It is possible to set up messaging in the way where the name of the person sending the reply to Avinode will show correctly in Avinode.

In order to set it up, edit personal profile (click on your name in the top-right corner of Leon) and go to the tab 'User Settings'.

In the field 'Avinode login' insert your personal login to Avinode.

This will connect both systems, so the next time you reply to the Avinode message, your Avinode name will appear.

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