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 <​box>​**Flights added from OPS section are not clickable in '​Bookings'​ section.**</​box>​ <​box>​**Flights added from OPS section are not clickable in '​Bookings'​ section.**</​box>​
 +==== SUBCHARTERS ====
 +[{{ :​leon:​sales-bookings:​subcharter in bookings.png?​200|Subcharter quotations/​schedules in the panel Bookings}}]
 +When you use occasionally **Subcharter** aircraft from another operator, our panel [[leon:​sales|Requests/​Quotes]] allows supporting quoting for external aircraft types with Subcharter option.
 +Once subcharter quote has been added in **Requests/​Quotes** section, you can view it in the **Bookings** panel. In top-right corner click the filter (3 dots) and select 'Show subcharter'​.
 +All new quotes or those already booked will appear in the '​QUOTATION'​ part of the Subcharter aircraft. Quotes with the status: Option, Booked or Done will appear in '​SCHEDULE'​ part.
 +For subcharters Leon shows quotes/​flights in the same way as for regular fleet.
 +^    QUOTE STATUS ​   ^   ​INDICATION ​  ^
 +|   **New request** ​         |   ​{{:​leon:​sales-bookings:​subcharter new.png?​nolink|}} ​  |
 +|   ​**Option** ​         |   ​{{:​leon:​sales-bookings:​subcharter option.png?​nolink|}} ​  |
 +|   ​**Booked** ​         |   ​{{:​leon:​sales-bookings:​subcharter booked.png?​nolink|}} ​  |
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