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Click on CALENDAR icon to get your flights, maintenance or reservations displayed as calendar duties. By using left-hand side filter you can define the view by modifying options in 3 tabs: Schedule, Aircraft & More.


Calendar - the general view
Flight details when hovering the mouse over STD
Crew details tooltip - contact details, currency, endorsements data

Each flight appears as a belt: flight confirmed (green) or an option (striped) with the information such as:

  • Schedule times
  • ADEP/ADES airports codes
  • FERRY/PAX number
  • OPS/Sales checklist status
  • Crew

If you hover the mouse over STD, STA, ADEP or ADES - Leon also shows a tooltip with Flight number & Trip number (apart from other details such as changes' history or airport details). You can check an aircraft phone number by hovering the mouse over aircraft registration (phone number needs to be inserted in the aircraft profile page, section Fleet).

In this section you can add a flight in 2 ways:

  1. By using button located at the bottom of the page
  2. By right-clicking the mouse on the square which will bring button.
It is possible to move the flight to another aircraft or a date by dragging & dropping it. Click on the flight and hold until the screen gets active, then move the flight. Leon will not allow moving the flight with added Journey Log or when it is being edited.
Once the Journey Log details have been added, Leon will show BLOFF & BLON times instead of STD & STA times.

If you hover the mouse over CREW, the assigned crew will show up information such as:

  • Crew name/surname and the aircraft position.
  • Contact details (if inserted into crew profile).
  • Warnings about expired currency, endorsements, airport discontinuity or FTL violations - click 'Crew & Endorsements' to expand the list of details.

If the crew have been changed, Leon shows a blue belt on top of the rectangle - when you hover the mouse you will get information about who changed who (see below).

If the crew were changed on the aircraft duties in the draft mode in the Crew Calendar, the crew changes will display in the OPS Calendar in the pink colour. Hovering the mouse over the code will populate the tooltip as per below:

It is possible to select the crew change mode in the 3-dot filter.

There are 3 available options:

  • None - crew change is not displayed
  • Duties based - OPS Calendar displays changes based on roster duty only, including draft mode duties
  • Flights based - OPS Calendar displays changes based on the crew assigned to the flights only

The Flight Crew Change only takes the flights with assigned crew into consideration. Flights with no crew assigned, as well as duties, are ignored.

Duty on aircraft changes

Additionally, it is possible to display duties on aircraft information in the Calendar view. It is important, that the duty is assigned to aircraft registration and the crew is assigned to a specific position on this duty. There could be a number of crew pairings on one day in which case, the blue bar would display it as follow: CPT1-FO1, CPT2-FO2, etc

Yellow markers indicate the change of crew on the aircraft duty on the particular aircraft.

Printing documents for selected legs

Each rectangle has a background which indicates a stage of realisation of a particular flight or operation. Colour codes are described below:

  • - Flight is confirmed
  • - Flight is not confirmed (option)
  • - Ferry flight confirmed
  • - Ferry option
  • - Opportunity (more information here)
  • - Flight is completed (Journey Log has been added)
  • - Cancelled flight
  • - Non-Commercial flights such as Crew Private, Technical flight, Training flight and Flight for owner
  • - Non-Commercial flight is not confirmed (option)
  • - Non-Commercial ferry flight
  • - Any type of aircraft reservation
  • - Reservation option
  • - Maintenance
  • - Maintenance option
  • - Maintenance - status 'Completed'
  • - Maintenance option - status 'Completed'
  • - AOG maintenance

It is possible to print or send documents from documents pop-up window. As you can see in the attached screenshot Leon gives you an option to send (envelope icon) or print (printer icon) marked documents either per Leg or per Trip by clicking on the icon by the main section (OPS, SALES). In this case, at least one document has to be ticked in order to make the icon by main section active. If you hover the mouse over any available document Leon will also display both icons next to the document. This will allow you to send or print a document individually.

If you are sending OPS documents Leon will automatically populate e-mail addresses of the Crew assigned to this flight. E-mails are taken from Work email in User Profile section. From email address is imported from work email of the person sending the documents.

For SALES documents, From e-mail addresses, Subject and E-mail body are imported from 'Quotation Email Templates' Settings. There, you can also upload additional files that can be sent along with standard sales documents. If you are sending all SALES documents in one email, Leon will only suggest From and To e-mails and also the Sales documents will be attached.

After sending SALES documents, Leon will display the “Last sent” date in the document menu (see the screenshot below) underneath sent document. This will only show when you hover the mouse over the document. You can click on the date and Leon will display a sent document.

It is also possible to mark number of legs of the same trip. It will allow you to print flight documents, and use additional options such as Show crew and Schedule as well as Notify Crew, for these particular selected legs.

In order to select multiple legs, you have to hold the Ctrl button and click on the flights of your choice. As you can see in the screenshot all the selected legs will display with the dotted line.

If you try to print documents for the flights assigned to 2 different aircraft, Leon will display an error message: More than 1 aircraft selected.

It is not possible to send OPS and SALES documents in one e-mail. If the documents from SALES section are inactive, it means that the Quotation for this trip is not yet created in a tab TRIP.


Adding an aircraft reservation

To add a new reservation from Calendar section click New Reservation button (at the bottom of the screen), or right-click the mouse and select 'ADD RESERVATION' link and insert details in the pop-up window, such as name, aircraft, airport, status, date & time, client, notes). Notes inserted into the Reservation will appear in a pop-up window when you hover the mouse over it.

It is also possible to select whether the reservation should be added in LT or UTC. It is only possible to switch between the timezones if no data is inserted in the Reservation pop-up window.

If a checkbox Allow overlapping flights is marked, Leon will not show any warning if a reservation overlaps any flight.

If the checkbox Change aircraft position on OPS views is ticked, the airport of the aircraft will change after the reservation.

There are 7 default types of reservations:

  • Reservation
  • No crew
  • No charter
  • Owner's approval
  • Crew on request
  • 36 hrs crewrest

When one of the above types is selected it appears in the Calendar/Timeline. However, it is possible to input any name of the reservation manually and it will overwrite the selected type.

Once it's added it will appear in sections CALENDAR and TIMELINE. You can always click any reservation and change its details, as well as exclude them from the Calendar or Timeline pages, by unmarking a checkbox in the left filter.


Reservation 'Opportunity'

Reservation type 'Opportunity'

It is also possible to create the 'Opportunity' type reservation.

This type of reservation can be used by sales teams to plan potential sales of the aircraft on a particular routing.

Once the 'Opportunity' type Reservation is selected, the option to insert ADES will appear which allows inserting the routing for a timeframe longer than 24h.

This type of reservation will be sent to Avinode as a potential availability of this aircraft on this selected routing.

IMPORTANT! Avinode can verify the empty leg availability of 5 days or less, therefore one reservation has to be booked for such period and not longer.

Once the reservation is added to Leon it will display as per below:

Upon exporting it to Avinode it will appear as an empty leg availability:

If a Client/Broker searches for an empty leg on the particular routing, the empty leg from operator will appear in the search.


The filter in the Calendar panel is very similar to the one in the panel Table with the difference explained below.


  • Show on schedule - select which type of activities should get displayed: flights, maintenance, reservations.
  • Sort aircraft by - there are 5 ways you can group flights in the table view: MTOW Ascending, MTOW Descending (defined in Fleet section), Registration, Pax capacity, ICAO home base (also defined in Fleet).
  • Layout - an option to view aircraft either vertically or horizontally.
  • Flight type - select which type of flights should be displayed.
  • Commercial type - option to see either 'Commercial' or 'Non-commercial' flights, or both.
  • Flight status - shows confirmed and/or not confirmed flight (options).
  • Show - you can narrow your view by excluding ferry, cancelled or terminated flights.
  • Preferred airport code - select ICAO or IATA codes.
  • Preferred time zone - select between UTC, LT and Base Time.


Aircraft filter

Aircraft panel allows to define for which tails Leon should show flights in a section OPS. On the options-bar click (where circled-blue is the number of active tails) and Leon will show a new pop-up window, where you can mark/unmark particular tails.

Use 'Filter' or 'Sort by' options to change the order of tails in the Calendar panel. You can also change the order by drag & dropping the tail in the pop-up window.

Filtering Aircraft by label

It is also possible to filter aircraft by label.

Labels can be assigned to the aircraft in the 'Settings' > 'Fleet' in the 'Basic' section. It is possible to assign multiple labels to one aircraft.

In the 'Aircraft' filter in OPS view, additional 'Labels' option will become available. Clicking within the selection will populate the list of available labels.

It is possible to select numerous labels within the filter. Once the labels are selected, the number of aircraft within the filter will be limited to the ones with the labels assigned (at least one tag from the list).

Clicking on 'APPLY' button in the filter will display only the selected aircraft in the OPS view.


Options are the same as in section TABLE.


View settings panel

Each Leon user can define his own view of the schedule list. It is possible to add or remove columns, decide if ACFT or Flight number should appear with a colour, if Leon should show any warnings, cautions or notices and to define preferred airport code as well as timezone.

If any of the warnings, cautions or notices have applied, Leon will highlight aircraft registration in red, yellow or white respectively.

To access the panel click icon in the top-right corner of the screen.


Leon allows adding more columns to the overall schedule view (apart from the default ones, such as FW & JL, Flight No., Day, Date, STD, ADEP, ADES, STA, ACFT, PAX, Tags) - click 'Columns' and mark the appropriate checkbox, then click 'APPLY'.


Here you can define if Leon should colour Flight No. column and/or ACFT column, as well if Leon should dim ferry legs. By marking a checkbox Entire leg row Leon will colour an entire row, either with the flight type colour (if 'Aircraft colours' checkbox is left unmarked) or with an aircraft colour (if 'Aircraft colours' checkbox is marked). If both checkboxes (Flight type & Aircraft colours) are marked - Leon will show aircraft colours as this colour has priority over flight type one.


All warnings in Leon are displayed in red. Here, you can mark particular (or all) checkboxes and if i.e.: PAX passport is expired, crew FTL violated or crew endorsement is expired - Leon will show PAX number value in red just like crew codes. User can hover the mouse over the alerted item to see details.


Here you can mark checkboxes for particular cautions, i.e.: PAX passport missing, Airport cat B or HIL restriction, which Leon shows in the Table page in yellow Hover the mouse over the alerted item to see details.


Notices are displayed in the Table page in white and can be turned on for items like i.e.: Airport note, Flight diverted or Aircraft documents expired. Hover the mouse over the alerted item to see details.

Preferred airport code

Switch between ICAO & IATA airport codes to be displayed in the OPS section (Table, Calendar or Timeline).


Here you can choose if Leon should show STD & STA times in UTC, LT (at ADEP/ADES airports) or Base Time (defined in a user's profile).

Day Note in Calendar view

Editing 'Day Note' in Calendar view

It is now possible to add a Day Note per aircraft in the Calendar section.

To add a Day Note follow these steps:

  1. Choose a specific day and aircraft in the Calendar view you would like to add a Day Note for.
  2. Right-click the mouse within this tile to open the dropdown list.
  3. Choose 'Add Day Note' option to open the edit window.
  4. Insert the note and press 'SAVE'.
  5. Once saved, it will display as within the particular tile, it was added to.

Hovering the mouse over the will display the text of the note in the tooltip.

You can also edit and delete the flight note. The process is similar to the one when adding a note. You simply right-click the mouse and choose 'Edit Day Note' option. Edit window will contain both EDIT and DELETE button.

Airport note/Day note

When adding an 'Airport note', in a section 'Airport Directory', it is now possible to define its expiry date. The note will show in the Calendar panel, inside a window. Once the expiry date passed, the note will no longer show.

So in such situations, a 'Day Note' will show both: notes added straight from 'Calendar' when adding 'Day note' (by right-clicking the mouse) and also an 'Airport note' from 'Airport Directory'.

In order to make this work, open 'Airport Directory' panel, type an airport code and in a tab 'Notes & Files' add a note to the Note field and define its expiry date in a field 'Valid until'. If 'Valid until' is not defined, this note will show on all days in 'Calendar'.

A 'Day note' will show in 'OPS > Calendar' panel, once a Show Day Note option is marked as 'YES' in the 3-dot filter.

Day notes in Calendar

The screenshot on the right-hand side shows an example of how a 'Day note' shows for a particular airport (AMS) and that it does not show after note is expired, as well as how Leon shows both 'Day notes': the one added from Calendar (displayed in 'Day Note') and the one added in 'Airport Directory' (displayed in 'AMS' so applying to the airport where notes were added).

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