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Commercial Orders

Adding a new 'Season' for 'Commercial Order'

It is possible to add a long-term flight schedule to the system. It can be a week long, month long or even a few months long schedule. For this purpose you can use a section Sales > Commercial Orders.

There is also a new panel for adding scheduled flights, called SCHED offering adding long-term schedules for virtual aircraft and publishing selected flights to OPS panel.


Defining 'Seasons' in Leon to create 'Commercial Orders'

Before adding a new Commercial Order you will need to enter a Season to specify period of time within which the schedule should take place.

Go to Sales > Seasons and click on Add new season icon. Enter the name of the new season (i.e. Summer 13, Winter 13, etc.) and define a period of time (how long should the season last).

Once this is done you can go back to Commercial Orders page, select in the filter newly added Season and click on Add new Commercial Order. In the drop-down list under 'Season' you can find previously added seasons. In the same place you can also add a code for easier internal identification, and one or more clients.

New schedule

Commercial Order main screen

By clicking New schedule icon, a new pop-up window will show up. A period of time for the new order will be copied from 'Season' definition but it can be changed. Select an aircraft, a trip type, ICAO type and the days of flights (i.e. 1, 3, 5 for Monday, Wednesday and Friday). After adding flight number you can optionally select 'Day SHT' (Day shift), which means shifting your order for selected number of days forward. I.e. if you select +1 and the order is supposed to start from Monday (a box '1' is ticked), then the order will start from Tuesday. Selected STD/STA times and ADES/ADEP details will get automatically exported to the 'Flights List' page.

Icon 'Split/Merge' can be useful if flights are every Friday, Saturday and Sunday but at slightly different times, i.e. with the difference of 15 minutes - please follow the steps below.

  • add a schedule and tick days (i.e. 5, 6, 7)
  • click on the icon 'Split/Merge'
  • go to tab 6 and 7 (which are separated now) and change STA/STD times
  • update the schedule

Notes field allows you to add an important information (i.e. to your OPS team) which will get displayed for all scheduled flights in a section OPS, tab TRIP (right-hand filter).


Manual changes in schedule to a sector initially generated through commercial order, breaks its link to that commercial order schedule. In other words - once you change anything in the schedule and then delete the commercial order - that flight will not get deleted along with all the other flights from that commercial order
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