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The functionality to connect the new request to the trip in ops can be used in situations when OPS added the trip before the Sales team managed to add and book a request.

It is possible to connect only the trips meeting the below criteria:

  • the trip has no connection to an existing request or offers
  • aircraft registration has to be selected on all the flights within the trip

How it works

In order to connect the request with an already existing trip, the following steps are required:

1. In the 'Requests/Quotes' main view, hover the mouse over the 'NEW QUOTE' button and select the FROM TRIP option

'Create request from trip' window
Request connected to booked trip

2. In the 'Create request from quote' pop-up window insert the following:

  • Trip - start typing in the trip number from the OPS section and select the correct one from the dropdown list
  • Requested by - the name of the requested. Should be filled
  • Representative - optional field where the Representative of the Requester can be inserted
  • Open in new tab - a checkbox that will open the connected quote in the new tab

3. Select the 'CREATE' button to connect the request to the trip

4. Newly created request page opens:

  • Request number is assigned
  • Trip number is available and the color on the TRIP button is relevant to the trip type and the status in OPS
  • The Quote price is calculated based on the fees assigned to the aircraft
  • It is possible to switch between the quote and the trip

5. In the OPS, the quote is assigned to the trip and the quote details are available in the tooltip when hovering the mouse over the green tick in the Q column:

It is not pissible to connect existing requests with existing trips in OPS.
In case of a different aircraft assigned to the flights in OPS, when connecting, the request will assign the aircraft from the first leg of the trip.
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