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Crew Activities

This feature allows you to view and edit existing crew activities as well as to add new duties. It works similarly to Crew Duties table, with the difference, that it shows more specific information, like: airport continuity, details of assigned flights, different kind of filter or current location of crew. However, both pages are linked together so all duties added in Crew Activities page are visible and editable in Crew Duties table.

Crew Activities - duties assignment panel

The screen shows columns:

  • Person - crew code, name and his home base
  • Now - airport code of the last ADES and current local time

Other columns show days of the selected period of time in the filter with all assigned duties, flights, positionings, office duties, etc…

In the filter, you can insert a particular crew member code and view only his duties. It is also possible to filter crew members by the position type (selecting * will allow to skip searching by that filter) and the airport of the current location (insert airport code in the filter, 'Actual airport' field).

To clearly see for what duties there have been added notes, mark a checkbox 'Show note mark' in the filter and a red indication will appear inside the square.

By clicking on the appropriate box you can assign a duty in exactly the same way you do in a Crew Duties section. You can delete existing duties as well. All colour-codes of duties match those defined in Settings > Duties Setup panel.

If you schedule a flight from a different airport to the one that appears on the screen as a present airport (last duty- destination airport), Leon will show a warning on top of the page, i.e.: There is no airport continuity in schedule for: William Papa (PAP) . The crew name, code and ADEP of assigned flight are also displayed in red.

Leon will not show an airport discontinuity alert for different duty end/duty start airports if they are in the same metropolis area, i.e. STN & LTN for London or VKO & OSF for Moscow.
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