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Crew Input Table

When adding flights to Leon, sometimes there are situations where you are not sure what crew should be assigned. It can be due to the short of staff (holiday, illness, expired endorsements) or flights have been added through Commercial Orders panel from where crew are not being assigned.

By going to Crew > Crew Input Table you can add crew for previously created flights or options (Italic font). The procedure of adding crew is very similar to the one in 'Edit Flight' screen. It is important that any crew assignment change in this section reflects on the crew displaying in Flights List page.

Crew Input Table section

Flights added to Leon with already assigned crew will be displayed here along with all the legs where crew is missing. By clicking on the icon Edit white fields will appear in crew-columns. Click on the particular field to get the drop-down list of all available crew members. Once you have selected the crew, the saved data will get exported to the Flights List page. You can also click on the Route icon to get through to the 'Edit Flight' screen and add crew from that page.

If the same crew member should be assigned to more than 1 trip, tick the box in the column Copy for selected flights and save. If, during adding crew to flights, you wish to select other crew members - use icon Reset. However, saved crew assigments will NOT get reseted by using this button.

If there is a FTL Violation the crew in question will be highlighted red. To see the violation details click on the highlighted crew code and you will be re-directed to FTL section.

You can define the view of Crew Input Table page by setting the filter. Available options are:

  • Group by - selection between trips & legs.
  • Show in LT - local times will replace UTC.
  • Flight Code - added in Flights List section, when editing a flight.
  • Tags - defined in a section OPS, tab FLIGHT.
  • Show also flights with JL - flights with already added 'Journey Log' will also appear.
  • Separate days view - days will get separated from each other to make the view clearer.
  • Save changes when click on “Edit” - it will speed up the crew-adding process.
  • Aircraft - an option to select 1 or more tails.
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