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Crew Members

Crew Members - the view on all crew with assigned ratings
Adding a new crew member - version simplified

In Leon, there is a simplified version of adding new crew members to the system - Crew Members. You can add all the necessary details very quickly and with a few clicks the new account is set up and the login details are sent to a new crew member.

In this section you can see all your crew with their codes, ratings and functions previously assigned. This page is for crew only, so you can not see users with no ratings assigned (admins, OPS or Sales staff).

To edit crew details - click on the name. By clicking on 'Full user edit' link Leon will re-direct you to the crew profile page.

To add a new crew-member - click on New crew member icon and add mandatory details: name, login and code. Also, add ratings and new user's email address, so that after saving data the login details can be sent out.

Use the filter to define the view of the screen. You can input crew code to see only his details or to sort data by either crew code, first or last name.

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