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Documents Setup

Flight documents settings

Flight Documents

In this section you can set up default documents to appear in documents list (mark a flight in the Flights List and right-click with the mouse) and if airports should get displayed in ICAO or IATA codes.

Each of the documents in the 'Documents setup' section can have email templates created by using Default mail options. The template includes such elements as From, CC and Bcc email addresses as well as Email content. These will be automatically populated when sending documents to the flight crew from OPS section, documents menu by clicking on new env.png icon.

If you see N/A displayed, it means you can't define a default code for the document as this document has already been edited in Documents Manager panel where you can change an airport default code.

Notify Crew

Notify crew - document settings

In this table you can input “Reply to”, and “CC” email. These will be picked automatically with “Notify Crew” facility available in a section OPS, when you mark a flight/flights and right-click with the mouse.

In “Default content” you can specify default text. This text will then appear in Notify Crew window sent from OPS as per below screen.

NC Documents Template.png

General settings

General Settings
  • Flight documents reply to - you can send selected documents to crew assigned to a particular trip/trips (they need to be on the same aircraft type) by using option Notify crew and by entering in this field an email address it is used to reply to (check here for more details regarding 'Notify crew' option).
  • Automatically add dispatcher signature to Flight Order - logged user is displayed as the dispatcher in the Flight Order document.
  • Show airport notes on Trip Sheet - airport notes can be added to each airport in Airport Directory (edit airport data, tab notes, a field 'Note'
  • Show FDP summary on Trip Sheet - Leon shows FDP, Max FDP and Next EOBT (most restrictive ones, so if i.e. CPT has max FDP 13:00 and FO 11:00 Leon will show 11:00).
  • Default fuel cards on Trip Sheet - click on the link and select fuel cards of which fuel prices should automatically appear on Trip Sheet document.
  • Show crew duties PDF on different pages - if exporting to PDF file ( in section Crew > Duties) each function-type will be displayed on a different page.
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