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Crew Duties

Crew roster - planned duties along with flights, positionings and office works

To schedule crew duties for any period of time go to Crew > Crew Duties screen. Once the Duty definition has been set, you can start assigning duties. Duties can be added only to crew with homebase added in crew profile.

In the filter you can choose on which aircraft you want to add duties to - you may select all or a particular aircraft. There is also an option of filtering the duties by function type. You can view it by: cockpit only, cabin only or both functions at the same time. By ticking a box Hide non-acft duties you can hide displaying of duties specified as: off or training.. Box Disp. full duty inf. will bring up information about the aircraft registration number and the function in the assigned duty field, i.e. D-LEON, CPT.

The option Person code (found in the filter) is very useful. You can input 1 or more crew codes (separated by a space) and only those crew members duties appear on the screen.

You can also filter your crew by labels. Labels can be defined in section Phonebook, tab Labels. Then you need to edit crew profile to mark an appropriate label (see screenshot below).

Labels colours which appear in the roster (right below the crew name) correspond with colours defined in a section Phonebook > Labels.

If there are any notes added within a Duty, a Notepad icon is displayed to indicate this fact.

Remove from planned activities checkbox is useful when you add a new duty that is defined as Exclude from planning. Usually these are the duties with type OFF. Clicking this checkbox (marked in the screenshot) allows you to overwite existing duty with a new one.

For example if a pilot has a flight on this day but is unable to perform it, adding the Exclude from planning type of duty, and ticking Remove from planned activities checkbox, will remove this pilot from the flight.

If a duty has been changed you can hover the mouse over a duty and the tooltip will show update history.

There are also other available options to be turned on in the filter:

  • Hide non-acft duties - all duties defined in a section Settings > Duties Setup not as 'On acft' will be hidden (i.e. V-vacation or OFF-day off).

  • Disp. full duty inf. - aircraft registration and flight position are also displayed in the duty-square.

Crew roster is a calendar plan of duties. By adding a duty D (on the aircraft) it does not mean that a flight will appear in the flights list. And vice-versa - scheduling a flight does not add a duty D into the roster.

Duties in OPS

Right below the list of your defined duties you can find an option to assign duties to appear in a section OPS: Positioning and Simulator.

In the roster, these duties appear as icons on white background (see screenshot below: positioning and simulator respectively).

It is possible to add more than 1 live duty on the same day. If it's the same duty - click an icon after selecting duty. If it's a different live duty on the same day (i.e.Positioning and Simulator) simply click on the same day and select another duty - Leon will show both duty icons:

In OPS > Table view all above duties appear as below.

All of these 3 live duties are included in FTL calculations and appear in FTL Sheet report.

Assigning Crew to Flights

Change of an aircraft registration for assigned crew

Assigning Crew automatically to flights is possible by scheduling them in Crew Duties. If a duty, by definition, should be included in planning and assigned to an aircraft registration, a crew will automatically be scheduled on a flight, as per duty.

There are 2 following scenarios if changes are made to the Duty Roster:

  1. Change of the registration but the same aircraft type - crew will remain assigned to the flight with the new aircraft registration (see a screenshot on the right).
  2. Change of the aircraft type - crew currently assigned will be removed from the flight. If different crew have relevant duties scheduled and appropriate ratings, they will be assigned to the flight.

If there are no duties scheduled and the crew are already assigned to a flight, changing aircraft type will remove the crew from this flight. Changing the type of an aircraft back to the previously assigned one, will re-assign the same crew.

Changing an aircraft registration or type in a section OPS does not result in changing duties (their types and colours) in a section Crew > Duties

Crew days off

In order to properly calculate duties and off-duty days by the system, the roster should be fully filled in. If a crew member has day/days off - the space in the roster should not be left empty but rather “off duty” should be added into the chart.

If you don't add days off to your crew in 'Crew Duties' roster, Leon will display a red bar 8,14(d) or 28(w) - this means that consecutive days off need to be filled out according to OM7 regulation.

Checking number of Days on/Days off within selected period of time

There are 3 rules that can be implemented for the purpose of days-off calculation:

  • Rule 1 - default, where day off is one for which there are no flights, with appropriate number of free nights
  • Rule 2 - day off is one for which there are no flights (Rule 1) and no duties defined in the roster
  • Rule 3 - day off is one for which there are no flights (Rule 1) and that day is marked as off in the roster

These options will influence the way days-off are showing on FTL Sheet and Crew Duties screen.

In orded to choose any other rule but Rule 1, you should contact Leon Software Support.

In the roster there are also 2 columns: Days Off and Days On.

Columns 'Days off' and 'Days on' can be a helpful feature in a proportional planning of crew. 'Days off' column displays all duties where type of duty has been specified as 'Off' in a section Settings > Duties Setup, i.e. 'Day off' or 'Leave', or days where no duty has been selected. Column 'Days on' shows all duties assigned in the roster as well as other activities such as: flights, positionings and office duties (added either in OPS section or in the roster - defined at the bottom of the duties list).

To view number of all the days off & on, first you need to specify the start date in the filter field: Count cumulative duty from.

By hovering the mouse over the number of either 'Days off' or 'Days on', you will get the precise information as to what types of duties made the total number in these two coulmns.

Roster for Ground OPS

If you need to add duties to the roster also for your GROUND staff (office, maintenance, sales, etc…) you can do that by adding an aircraft GROUND to your fleet (one ground aircraft is free of charge).

Example of Ground Duty Roster

Follow below steps:

  1. Adding this aircraft should be done in the same way as it was done with all other tails - you just need to insert GND in a field 'Name' in an aircraft profile
  2. Go to the section Aircraft Crew Positions, select 'GND' aircraft in the filter located in the top-right corner and assign appropriate ratings in the tab Ground
  3. Next step is to add Ratings to OPS staff for previously chosen positions.
  4. Crew with ratings on GND will appear in the Crew Duties roster, at the bottom of the screen. You can also filter by aircraft 'GND'

If there is a need for additional duty definitions, you can create them in Duties Setup section.


Dropdown selection with Draft options

In the section Crew > Duties, apart from assigning duties in the live mode, you can now plan duties for your crew before publishing it. If a 'Draft' has been planned by one person, it is possible that another Crew Planner will see duties and can continue with the same Plan.

In the filter you can find the drop-down selection where you will see following options:

  • Actual - actual view for duties already published.
  • Drafts - if any drafts have been created, they will show underneath in chronological order.
  • New Draft - Creating New Daft.

To switch between Actual, Draft, or to create New Draft you have to choose relevant option and click Show button. Switching between the modes does not mean that all duties assigned before will disappear. They will remain untouched. Below you can see examples of using Drafts feature.

  • 1 - Creating New Draft

To create new planned roster you need to choose New Draft option in the filter and press 'Show' button. A pop-up window will appear, where you can choose a Draft name and save the Draft. You will be automatically redirected to the new Draft and the following information will appear in the top left corner of Duties screen:

When adding duties within the Draft on previously unassigned days, everything looks the same as if adding duties in the actual mode. The only difference is that in the top-left corner of the square there is a green flag.

If it happens that you have planned a new duty on the day where there was already either flight, positioning or office duty assigned, when you hover the mouse over the square, the pop-up window will appear with the information (see examples below):

  • 2 - Replacing actual duties with the new planned ones

If you want to replace the actual duty with the new one within the Draft, firstly you need to select a Draft in the filter and click on 'Show' button. This will allow you to edit the chosen 'Draft'. Then click on the existing square/squares and select new duty from the list previously defined in Duties Setup section. In each new duty-square, in the top-left corner there will be a red flag.

It is also possible to delete duties from the Draft, which have been added in actual mode - in the same way as normally (mark duties and click on the bottom duty-type).

Publishing Draft for crew
  • 3 - Publishing or rejecting changes in crew duties table

If you have finished planning duties you can save it by clicking the icon 'Publish'. Leon will show a pop-up window, where you can select a date range - a month for which the publication should take place or all months for which duties have been planned, and crew for whom the duties should be published.

You can also input the note in 'Additional publish notes' section. This note will be included in the email sent to all the Crew that the Draft is published for.

If you click OK, then on top of the screen Leon will show the progress bar. The status of the publishing is being refreshed automatically.

The lenght of the publishing process depends on the number of new duties assigned or changes made in the roster.

When you start publishing duties, this particular Draft becomes un-editable and greyed-out in the filter. You can still switch to a different Draft as well as Actual mode and edit it.

Once it's done, Leon will switch to the actual mode and the message will be sent out - the 'Messages' envelope on the belt will turn yellow . Inside the 'Messages' section you will find an email Script complete and the exact time in UTC.

If you decide to reject the publication of planned duties you can click Reject button. A pop-up window will display. This is very similar pop-up to the one when you publish duties with 'Reject' button instead of 'Publish' button. In the pop-up you can choose Crew and Period you want to reject the changes for. Once you click Reject the changes in duties will disappear for the marked Crew for chosen range of time.

  • 4 - Deleting Draft

You can delete any draft. Simply choose the 'Draft' you wish to delete in the filter, edit it and click on 'Delete' button. A pop-up window will appear asking for confirmation. Once you clicked on 'Save', the 'Draft' will be deleted and you will be redirected to 'Actual' mode.

Notification emails after changes in the roster

Enabling roster changes notifications to crew

This option can be particularly helpful when OPS department makes lots of changes in Crew > Duties section and it is desired that crew members are informed about any change in their roster by email. When this function is activated Leon sends emails to people concerned about all new and changed duties.

The option is enabled to all crew members by default. When you go to tab 'User settings in the profile page of each Leon user, you can find a checkbox automatically ticked. By unticking it you can disable sending roster changes emails.

Notes added to the duty are also included in the roster change email notification.

Actual mode email notifications

  • New duty

A brand new duty/duties assigned to a crew member appears in bold as defined in Duties Setup page, either with extra details, like: From, To, Airport (for 'Office', 'Training' or 'Contactable' type of duty), or without details (for duty-types defined as 'Duty' or 'Off').

Type 'Contactable'
Type 'Training'
Type 'Office'
Type 'Duty' - acft registration
Type 'Duty' - acft type

  • Changing duty

If you want to replace an existing duty with a new one in the actual mode, in the notification email that change is displayed in the format:

  • Duty type 'Duty' or 'Off' - replaced duty → new duty
  • Duty type 'Office', 'Training' or 'Contactable' - replaced duty → new duty (start, airport, end)

Draft email notifications

Sending roster changes emails to recipients whilst making changes within a Draft works in a slightly different way. The notification email is being sent out once the plan is published. In other words - you can make as many changes as you wish and when the publishing of the Draft is finished, then Leon sends out emails with all changes included to particular crew members (see example below).

Published roster end date line

Roster publication end line - actual mode and the draft

When you plan crew roster in a plan mode, apart from selecting to whom plan should be published, you can also select start & end date.

Once it's published and you're back to actual mode you can define the end date of the published roster by using a link Roster effective date which you can find right below the month (top-left corner).

If it's not set it shows as 'Roster efective date is not set (set)' with the active link set. Click it and select the proper date and Leon will show a blue line across the screen. That is the published roster end date.

If you have any planned duties (but not published yet), Leon shows them right behind the line in the 'Draft'.

You can always change that date - Leon shows the link as 'Roster efective date is DD-MM-YYYY (change)'.

Copying duties

You can copy existing duties to the same crew member or to other members. It is also possible to add the same duty for one day to all crew members. Below you can find an explanation how this feature works.

Copying duties is possible in both: Actual mode and in the Draft. It is not possible to copy duties between 2 different Drafts or between Draft and Actual mode. Once a duty or set of duties are pasted, Leon will automatically send a Notification email to the person with new duties.

Copying duties for the same crew member

  • mark the existing duty (for as many days as necessary) and click 'copy'

  • click number of days (squares) for which the duty should get copied and click 'paste'

  • copied duty will appear for as many days as marked

Copying i.e. 4 days of the existing duty does not mean you can't paste it for more than 4 days - you can mark as many days as you want and Leon will copy it accordingly.

Copying duties for a different crew member

Similar steps should be taken when it comes to copying duties from one crew to another.

  • mark existing duty/duties and copy them

  • select days for which copied duty should get assigned

  • copied duties now appear in the roster

Copying the same duty for all crew members

  • select a day, click on the icon and choose a duty which should be added to all crew members

Copying duties 'On aircraft' (i.e. D-Duty) is possible only if appropriate ratings have been assigned for particular aircraft type. If you try to copy duty type-rated for a crew members who has no ratings assigned, Leon will leave squares blank and shows an information “Some duties have not been copied due to personal ratings not set for required aircraft”

Copying duties within the 'Draft'

Copying duties within the 'Draft' works similarly to the 'Actual' mode described in the above chapters. The difference is you can copy already added duties along with the planned ones (not yet published), see example below.

  • In the filter switch to the 'Draft' of your choice, mark previously added duties along with those you have planned and click 'copy' (planned duties show with the green triangle indication).

  • Pasted duties show as planned, despite the fact some of them are already confirmed (published) for a particular crew member.

Copying duties is possible in both: Actual mode and in the Draft. It is not possible to copy duties between 2 different Drafts or between Draft and Actual mode.

Copying duties 'On aircraft' (i.e. D-Duty) is possible only if appropriate ratings have been assigned for particular aircraft type. If you try to copy duty type-rated for a crew members who has no ratings assigned, Leon will leave squares blank.

Duty requests

It is possible for the crew members to request duty from the Leon mobile app.

Adding requests in mobile app

Adding new request
The list of requests

In order to request a duty, select the menu “Requests” and use the icon

Select a start date, end date, and the duty, ie.: day off/holiday/training.

The list consists of all duties defined by the operator in Settings > Duties Setup. It is also possible to enter a note, ie.: with the reason for the request. This note will be viewed along with the request by the person planning duties.

In order to delete the request, go back to the list of requests, select the one you would like to delete and use the option “Delete” and confirm.

Once the duty is requested, the person/dept responsible for planning duties will see the request in the roster - the requested duty will appear in brackets - if the request is approved, will be able to remove the request and assign the requested duty instead. In such case, the request will be removed from the list of requests in the Mobile App and replaced with the actual duty in the Mobile App calendar.


Requests of duties made by crew in Leon mobile apap are displayed in Crew Panel this way:

Right-click with the mouse to either accept the request, to decline it, or to check history of changes.


Duty requests are displayed in red brackets, i.e. and can be accepted by crew planner (mark requested duties and click on the same one in pop-up window, in 'Add/Edit'), or rejected (click on the duty-icon in 'Delete' part of the window).

When hovering the mouse over the request, Leon shows details of the request as well as details of the existing duty.

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