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 +==== Roster for Ground OPS ====
 +If you need to add duties to the roster also for your GROUND staff (office, maintenance,​ sales, etc...) you can do that by adding an aircraft **GROUND** to your fleet (one ground aircraft is free of charge).
 +[{{ :​leon:​crew-duties:​Ground duty.png?​200|Example of Ground Duty Roster}}]
 +Follow below steps:
 +  - Adding this aircraft should be done in the same way as it was done with all other tails - you just need to insert **GND** in a field '​Name'​ in an aircraft profile
 +  - Go to the section [[leon:​aircraft-crew-positions|Aircraft Crew Positions]],​ select '​GND'​ aircraft in the filter located in the top-right corner and assign appropriate ratings in the tab **Ground**
 +  - Next step is to add [[leon:​ratings|Ratings]] to OPS staff for previously chosen positions.
 +  - Crew with ratings on GND will appear in the [[leon:​duties|Crew Duties]] roster, at the bottom of the screen. You can also filter by aircraft '​GND'​
 +If there is a need for additional duty definitions,​ you can create them in [[leon:​duties-setup|Duties Setup]] section.
 ===== Draft ===== ===== Draft =====
 [{{ :​leon:​crew-duties:​draft - show filter.png?​200|Dropdown selection with Draft options}}] [{{ :​leon:​crew-duties:​draft - show filter.png?​200|Dropdown selection with Draft options}}]
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