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Editing flights (OPS)

This section is accessible from flights list by clicking on the pencil-icon in the “Edit” column (see Flights List). It is more suitable for OPS as it allows to quickly change details of the trip as well as fill in post flight data (Journey Log tab)

Sales tab is mainly used by Sales Teams via Calendar section. OPS use it mainly as a source of information.

JL section is explained in Journey Log page of this manual.

Trip info

Flight edition main screen

Features of this section have been largely explained in New Flight part of this manual.

Trip info allows OPS departments to quickly and easily change number of details on a flight such as scheduling details (date/time), aircraft details and the crew just to mention few.

It also allows to change the status to Flight if a trip was previously added as Option or Quotation.

From this screen you can also add duties to already existing ones (positioning/additional leg) or delete flights.

You can also check history of changes made to the trip by clicking on icon in the top of the page.


FDP information

According to EU.OPS.FTL, a flight duty period (FDP) is any time during which a person operates in an aircraft as a member of its crew. The FDP starts when the crew member is required by an operator to report for a flight or a series of flights; it finishes at the end of the last flight on which he/she is an operating crew member.

In Leon, we have implemented 'Flight Time Limitations' functionality to make FDP or Duty limits easier for operators. During the installation process, we can implement your 'OM part 7' regulations to the system.

Leon will warn you if there is any FTL violation on the flight by highlighting crew in red. Leon also warns if the cumulative duty is close to be exceeded by marking the crew in yellow. This is a part of Cummulative Duty Notification Service and is available upon request.

To find out what went wrong, simply click on the red/yellow crew-code in the 'Flights List' - you will be taken to 'FDP' tab in the 'Edit Flight' screen where it will be shown what exactly has been violated. Also when editing a flight where FTL have been exceeded, Leon will show one or both warnings below:

  • FDP: Flight Duty Period is too long
  • FDP: rest is to short

Some flights should not be have FDP/Duty calculated if i.e. they are for the aircraft owner or if it is not a commercial flight.

Editing the flight

When you add a new flight, in the section Edit Flight you can unmark a checkbox AOC - such a flight will not have FDP/Duty calculated.

FDP times also differ when it comes to different local time of duty start, the number of sectors and if the crew member is acclimatised. Also, when an FDP consists of two or more sectors – of which one can be a positioning journey to count as a sector – but separated by less than a minimum rest period, then the FDP may be extended - if cosecutive rest hours are 3-10 - by a period equal to half the consecutive hours rest taken.

  • Commander's Discretion

To be able to apply a commander's discretion to the flight you need to first add a checkbox Discretion to your Journey Log in a section Settings > Flight Editing (Show in Journey Log).

If there was FDP extension due to commander's discretion, mark the checkbox in your Journey Log. Then if you edit crew member's FTL Sheet Leon will show in a column CD how much time beyond permitted FDP was used as the extension (see the screenshot below).

Please note that even though FDP is extended due to commander's discretion it is still highlighted in red and displayed as a FTL violation.

All FDP/Duty/Rest exceptions, such as extensions or reductions, are subject to operator's OM part 7 regulations

You can track the rest of your crew by chekcing 'FTL Sheet report which shows details of all performed duties in a selected period of time, such as: duty start & end, splits, rest before duty, duty time, FDP as well as the summary details:

  • Last 7 days Duty (60:00 max)
  • Last 28 days Duty (190:00 max)
  • Block hours from 1 Jan (900:00 max)
  • Last 28 days block hours (100:00 max)
  • Days off in last 8,14,28 days
  • 36 hours Rest

Any violations are highlighted in red - the same applies to FTL Violations report.

Some flights might not be having FDP/Duty calculated if i.e. they are for the aircraft owner or if it is not a commercial flight. It is possible to exclude such flights from being attached to AOC. When you add a new flight, you can unmark a checkbox AOC in the section Edit Flight - such a flight will not have FDP/Duty calculated.

Depending on number of Crew assigned to a flight and RF chosen, Leon will extend FDP due to in-flight rest.

Rest facility options depend on individual Operator's OM Part 7, and usually are devided into Class 1/2/3 seats as well as Seat and Bunk facility. Depending on the option, max FDP is extended accordingly.


CAM tab indicates how many Flying Hours (FH) and cycles (FC) and aircraft will make before its scheduled maintenance. This function can be particulary useful for sales department. If there is a scheduled maintenance in the future, by going to the main 'Scheduled Maintenance' screen you can see in the column 'Estimated' TAH (total aircraft hours) and TAC (total aircraft cycles) values.

If you want this feature to work properly, you need to insert CAM data to your Fleet:

  • Start date/TAH/TAC - start date is the 1st day of flying on the aircraft; TAH & TAC need to be added according to the number of flown hours/cycles.
  • FH/FC exceeded warning - you can define when Leon should display a warning of upcoming CAM limits - how many hours/cycles before the limits Leon should highlight values in yellow.

Once the above details have been set up, when adding a new scheduled maintenance, you need to add TAH & TAC limits - number of hours remained between 'today' and the day of scheduled maintenance. When adding a new flight or option (from either 'New Flight' or 'Calendar' screen) Leon will show one of the 3 messages. For more detailed information, enter tab 'CAM' in edit-flight screen.

  • CAM: OK - TAH & TAC limits have not been exceeded.

  • CAM: Warning - TAH & TAC limits are close to be exceeded: warning limits defined in 'Fleet' are exceeded.

  • CAM: Expected to be exceeded by: (start date of maintenance) - TAH & TAC limits have been exceeded.

You can always delete some of the scheduled flights assigned to the aircraft with already scheduled maintenance to cut the estimated number of aircraft hours/cycles or assign those flights to a different aircraft.

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