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Editing flights (Sales)

As it was mentioned in the section Calendar, for 'Sales' department the Calendar view is the most suitable to work on quotes. If you are 'Sales' team member, you can use this page to add a new flight or aircraft reservation.

Go to Calendar screen and either click on the blank field with airport code to add a flight, or click 'czarny trójkąt.png' and choose one of two options.

Edit flight window in Calendar is devided into four tabs:

  • Trip Info
  • Quotations - entirely explained in here.
  • FTL - showing 2 days worth of FDP details. Explained here
  • CAM - explained here.

Trip Info

The screen is divided in 2 columns:

  • Trip summary which contains 4 tabs:
  1. Legs - legs information where clicking on a leg will editi it in Leg Details column
  2. Sales checklist - items in this checklist are set in Admin > Operator settings > Flight Editing Tab
  3. T/O & LND emails - section to input notification emails to send “Take off” and “Landing” reports
  4. Notes - general notes section
  • Leg details to edit trip as well as add and manage PAX


FDP in Calendar

Here you can see added flights/options (schedule, aircraft, date, pax number and handling). If you hover the mouse over the 'Handling' dot a pop-up window will show up with handling agent/FBO details. The favourite handler is marked with a yellow star.

When you add a new trip in Calendar section there is no option to add crew, so Leon does not show FDP warning as long as the crew is added to the trip either from Editing flight or Crew Input Table section.

When no crew is added you can still check FDP limit for just added trip by clicking Click to refresh link. Leon will display details as on the screenshot below.

Once the crew is assigned to the trip you can 'click to refresh' icon to get the information FDP: Correct or Flight Duty Period is too long .

Sales checklist

Make sure sales checklist items have been enabled in Flight editing section.

sales checklist.png

In this tab you can change the status of each item. The status-dot colour informs about the overall sales checklist status.

T/O & LND emails

Here is where you can insert one or more email addresses (after comma) to which 'Take off' or 'Landing' reports can be sent to clients, borkers or aircraft owners.

For more info please read here


Leon allows you to reserve aircraft at particular airport within defined period of time. There is also a possibility to assign reservation to a client. Once the aircraft has been reserved, the system temporarly excludes this plane from any regular flight planning.

To add a reservation click 'czarny trójkąt.png' on a selected day. New window will come-up and mandatory fields like: aircraft type, registration, airport, date & time - all these fields need to be filled in. You can also add the name of the reservation, client, type of reservation and notes.

There are 7 types of reservation, all represented by purple colour in Calendar:

  • Reservation
  • No crew
  • Reservation option
  • No charter
  • Owner's approval
  • Crew on request
  • 36 hrs crewrest

Adding a flight

Adding a new flight from Sales perspective

Click on a single square placed under a particular day. The airport code in the blank square is the aircraft base (airport of the last arrival). You will get a pop-up window to be filled in, just like the flight-editing window on the 'Flights List' page. Some fields are alredy filled out: aircraft registration, type, flight status and trip type - they can all be changed.

No matter how many sectors one trip has - changing the status of one sector will affect all other sectors as well. In a situation where more than one leg is added to quotation (and they all have the same quote number) - changing the status of one leg assigned to that quotation from i.e. 'Option' to 'Flight' (or the other way around) - will affect the status of all sectors in both: 'Calendar' and 'Flights List' screens. The same applies if there are different quote numbers within the same trip - changing the status of one leg changes all other statuses of that trip

Field 'Trip type' contains 7 types of flight displayed in different colours on the 'Calendar' screen:

  • PAX - green
  • Flight for owner - blue
  • Training flight - blue
  • Simulator - blue
  • Technical - blue with indication 'Maintenance Reposition' in red
  • Ambulance - blue
  • Crew private - blue

Adding a new flight from 'Calendar' page is very similar to adding it by using 'New Flight' page. The difference is that - apart from adding schedule times and fleet details - you can also add sales information such as: PAX, Catering, PAX transport, Notes, Ops notes as well as Handling agent details. 'Quote number' is a separate data which you can add once the 'Quotations' module is turned on (see chapter Quotations for more details).


It is possible to add different 'Quote' numbers to legs in the same trip. If i.e. the trip contains 3 legs and the quote number of the 3rd leg was changed - the quote numbers of both: 1st & 2nd leg remain unchanged.

When viewing Calendar section, Leon will inform you if there has been any crew change done on the flight. Moreover, when you hover the mouse over the 'crew change' belt, a pop-up window will show up with the previous and actual crew.

The only requirement is that you need to have a checkbox 'Show crew change' ticked in the filter.

When adding a new flight (either from 'Calendar' or 'New Flight' pages), when clicking on STA field, Leon will suggest time calculated from GCD incl. 'Taxi in/Taxi out' data previously inserted for particular airports (as well as predicted time based on historical flights, if at least 5 flights have been saved in Leon with 'Journey Log' data).

Leon also suggests STA times calculated from GCD, average winds included.

STA suggested times panel.png

By clicking on one of the white envelopes (right next to ADEP/ADES airport code) you can add either 'Takeoff Report' or 'Landing Report' CC email address/addresses (see chapter Flight Watch for more details).

Splitting/Merging Trips

Adding a trip to Leon always meant assigning legs to the same aircraft, which at times was problematic. Sometimes, i.e. due to AOG the aircraft had to be changed. Before this change a particular leg (with a different aircraft) had to be split from the original trip and a new trip was created.

It is possible to split trips (move a particular flight to different aircraft), move flights to existing trips or existing quotations.

On the example below you can see the sequence of splitting the 2-leg trip into two separate trips.


If you wish to split a particular flight from the existing trip and create a new trip, click the link Move this flight to other trip and select the option 'New trip'. The link DOES NOT show up when creating a brand new trip to Leon.

Make sure all changes have been saved before splitting the trip.

Leon will display the screen again where you can create a new quotation number (or Leon can add quotation number automatically), or save a new trip without it. Once it's saved a new trip will appear in Calendar screen.



It is also possible to assign different aircraft to flights within the same trip. You can also copy aircraft to all existing legs by marking the checkbox right next to the selecting aircraft field.


To move a particular flight to the existing trip click on the link 'Move this flight to other trip' and select 'Existing trip'. You need to paste the trip number to which the flight should be moved.

moving to existing trip.png


A similar steps need to be taken to move an existing flight to the existing quotation - you need to select the option and paste the quotation number to which the flight should be moved.

moving to existing quotation.png

If you just have moved a new quotation to the existing one you still need to update the price in the tab 'Quotation' by clicking 'update'.


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