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You can click on any part of the flight-belt to get displayed the appropriate tab in the right-hand side filter (the checklist). The advantage of editing flights in this panel (comparing to the old one) is that you can work on them on one screen. You can edit, modify and save all changes in the checklist and at the same time you can use the left-hand side filter to navigate with the view: turn some options on or off, include/exclude aircraft, view flights only, hide canceled flights, etc…

If i.e. you click on the FW & JL part - that tab gets opened. If you click on date or STD/STA hour - tab FLIGHT gets opened. If you click on the crew code - tab CREW gets opened. The same happens with Trip No., OPS or SALES status or W&B - proper tabs get opened to give you a quick access to the edited data.

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