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Editing trip

Editing trip - the view of the bottom panel

If you click edit trip.png button at the bottom of the screen an additional panel will show up.

If the selected activity is a flight, the whole trip (series of flights) will open in the bottom window with the selected leg in shaded green. You can edit each column (Flight No., Date, STD/STA or PAX) and modify it. STA field will show an estimated time of arrival based on GCD and the aircraft speed data inserted in its profile (which can be defined in a Fleet section).

You can also add a new leg in this section by clicking + or delete a leg by clickingbin-new leon.png

While you are editing a trip in the bottom panel, you can still use the right properties panel to access given sector details and modify them.

Apart from the standard schedule information, the bottom EDIT TRIP panel also shows 'Crew' column. This column has A/B format where 'A' indicates a number of cockpit crew and 'B' stands for cabin crew, e.g. 2/1 means 2 cockpit and 1 cabin. If there is no crew assigned Leon will mark it with '-' (2/- for no cabin crew). If you hover the mouse over the 'Crew' number indication Leon will display Crew codes assigned to the flight.

An additional option in Editing Trip panel is possibility of entering Cargo value. Switch to Cargo or PAX & Cargo in Settings > Flight Editing section in Trip edit scheme drop-down.

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