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Endorsements for Airports

Endorsements for Airports main screen
Airport Directory - adding online familiarization and airport recency

Some airports require pilots to familiarize themselves with important information regarding this airport before flying there - this is when the 'Airport brief' document should be added to Leon to be available to pilots. The same applies to airport 'Airport Recency' or Online Familiarization documents.

In the main page of 'Endorsements' there is an icon 'Endorsements for airports' available. On the screen you can see crew code with the name, endorsement's name, date of the last visit, number, date of issue, expiry date, number of days before expiration, notes and document's PDF file (if uploaded). By clicking on the particular 'Airport Recency' or 'Online Familiarization' you can add/change all these details. You can also delete them by clicking on the red 'X'.

You can also define airports which require 'Airport brief' by going to Airport Directory section and ticking an appropriate box.

In a section OPS, if a checkboxes are marked in the 3-dot filter (top-right corner), the airport code is highlighted.

If a pilot is planned for a flight to a particular airport where special trainig is required, you can add training documents to Leon by clicking on tab 'Airport Recency' or 'Online Familiarization' in user's 'Personal endorsements' page. Enter airport's code, update it, and add appropriate details. You can also upload a PDF file.

If the Airport Recency is still valid and a pilot has performed a flight to the particular airport, once the Journey Log has been added, Leon will update the 'Last visit' date and will also update the 'Expiry date' automatically.

You can also add information to Leon if a particular crew member needs Airport Recency (either on the aircraft or simulator).

Just like with 'Online Familiarization' - you can add an Airport Recency either from 'Airport Directory' by marking a checkbox Training required (crew code appears on pink background), or from Personal Endorsements, tab Airport Recency.

It is also possible to access the history of uploaded files by clicking on the History link. More information about the history of uploaded files can be found in the Endorsements section.

Please note that Endorsements for a specified airport will only appear on a list for pilots planned for that airport in the future (no past flights included).
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