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Endorsements List

In this section you can create an endorsements list - add name, type, decide what aircraft type it should apply to and more.

Adding a new endorsement

First step is adding a new endorsement. Click on 'New endorsement' icon in the top-left corner to get a new window that needs to be filled-in.

The list of added endorsements
  • Endorsement - its name, i.e.: USA Visa, Medical, OPC, etc.
  • Endorsement type - choose 'Endorsement' if it's just a general document. Select the other ones accordingly.
  • Warn if expired when adding a flight - tick the box so that if the endorsement is invalid Leon will show a warning, i.e.: At least one crew member has no valid endorsements. XRA Matilda Xray has expired endorsements Licence (expired 01-02-2013).
  • Order - click FLTO-license no..png to expand the drop-down box list and choose the location of newly added endorsements on the main endorsements list.
  • Endorsements for - Cockpit, Cabin, Ground or Maintenance - select to which position/positions the new endorsement is required.
  • Aircraft type - select on which aircraft the new endorsement is required.

'Endorsements for' and 'Aircraft type' can be set up for all cockpit crew members and all the airplanes, such as: licence, medical or security, or for a single crew member only. Very wide range of possible settings and system's flexibility will allow you to manage endorsements quickly and easily.

If you want a pilot's licence number to be displayed on the 'Flight Order' (see below), simply make sure that it is set in 'Endorsements List' screen, when edited, as type 'License'.

FLTO-license no..png

REVALIDATION RULES - this function is for suggesting next expiry date based on the endorsement's issue date. If you leave both 'validity time' and 'revalidation' window set to 0, function is disabled.

  • Validity time - holds information regarding how many months from the endorsement's issue date that endorsement will be valid.
  • Revalidation window - holds information for how many days before the endorsement's expiry date you can revalidate the endorsement and still count validity time from the last expiry date.
  • Round to the end of the month if outside revalidation window - if checked and before revalidation window, your validity will be rounded to the end of the month.
  • Action required when expiring - it is a box where you can input a short description of an action that crew member has to perform in order to revalidate this endorsement. This description will be sent along with email reminder to the crew member.
Please note that you can always overwrite the calculated expiry date. The purpose of this function is to minimize error entries, rather than fully automate the process.
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