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Panel Fees allows defining Airport Fees and Aircraft Fees. It is possible to add multiple fees for both: airport & aircraft. You can also copy Airport & Aircraft fees by clicking the icon copy fees.png and when a pop-up window appears name new fees and save.

Aircraft Fees

Defining aircraft fees

To define fees to a particular aircraft click New Aircraft Fees icon and in the new page you will see on the left-hand side available items which can be selected and added into the Aircraft fees list. The order of selected fees can be changed by drag & dropping them and the same order will be used in the quote's edition page, where the list of aircraft fees appear.

With regards to the item 'Discount', the value inserted is as an amount in currency and has to be less than zero, e.g. -€15 for the discount of €15.

Once items are selected you can insert Price to each one of them. Choose the currency and name the pricing (it can be i.e. aircraft registration or client).

Once Airport Fees have been defined, you will be able to switch between them in Quote edition panel by using a button Recalculate.

The explanation for some of the fees are below:

  • Flight Hour Fee - fee for an hour of flight
  • Dangerous Goods Fee - fixed amount but can be amended manually within the quotation
  • Fuel Surcharge Fee - fixed amount but with '0' as a default number of items within the quotation. Number of items within quotation has to be amended manually
  • Medical Staff Fee - fixed amount but can be amended manually within the quotation. Number of items within quotation has to be amended manually
  • Additional Fee - additional percentage fee applied to the total amount before discount
  • Urgent Fee - fee applies when requested trip begins within 24h since generating the quote
  • Catering - fee applies to all PAX on the flight excluding fuel stops.

Additional elements within Catering fee are:

  • Min. block time - minimum block time to apply catering
  • 'Apply after [hh:mm] h' - this option allows selecting the number of ground time hours after which the catering fee should apply. If the time between the flights is less than this value, the flights are considered as one for the Catering purposes. If it is more, the Catering fee is calculated based on the number of PAX on each flight.


Catering fee calculation

The example presented in the screenshot shows that if the 'Catering' minimum block time is set to 1h (as per above) and required ground time is more than 2h, Leon will calculate this as follows:

  • the ground time between leg 2 (WAW-AMS) and leg 3 (AMS-RKE) is less than 2h, therefore, these 2 legs are calculated as 1 for catering purposes. Additionally, block time on leg 2 and 3 are over the minimum required (1h). This is giving 3 PAX in total (€300)
  • leg 4 is calculated as a separate leg. Block time on this flight is over 1h, therefore, another 3 PAX are calculated for the catering purposes (€300) giving the total of 6 in the whole trip (€600)

If there was only 1 leg with PAX within one request, Catering would be calculated based on the number of PAX on this leg.

Adding an extra leg with 2 PAX to our example with the ground time of more than 2h would add extra 2 PAX towards Catering fee calculation. The same would happen if the timeframe between each leg in our example was more than 2h. In this case, the Catering would be calculated based on 9PAX rather than 6.

Automatic rounding of quotes prices can be set up if you click 3-dot filter (top-right corner of the page) and enter a value to which Leon should round up all quotes prices.

Airport Fees

Sales > Fees - the main view
Defining airport fees

Click button New Airport Fees and insert an airport ICAO code or airports group (i.e. EG* for England or EH* for Holland).

On the left-hand side choose which columns should appear for the particular airport: Airport PAX Fee, Catering Fee, Crew Hotel Fee, De-icing, Handling Basic Fee, Holiday, Night Landing, Parking/hourly, Saturday Landing, Sunday Landing, Total Landings.

Hover the mouse over the column's name to see the meaning.

You can either click on the particular item fees item.png or drag & drop it inside the section 'Columns'above available items. Here you can always click X to remove the item from the airport fees list.

Once columns have been added you can define currency and fees per each column. Click + in the top-right corner to add fees for another airport.

Saved Airport pricing is displayed on the main screen - click it to amend it.

'Airport Fees' import

Option to import airport fees

It is possible to import aircraft fees from XLS/CSV file to airport fees section by following below steps:

  1. Go to Sales > Fees > Airport Fees
  2. Click on Importing Airport Fees icon.png button located in the top-right corner
  3. In the 'Import airport fees' pop-up upload the file
  4. Press 'IMPORT' button
  5. Once the prices have imported, 'SAVE' the new Airport pricelist


Columns Layout comparison

The columns names in the XLS/CSV file has to match the columns names in the 'Aircraft fees' section. Otherwise, the prices will not upload.

The selected airport price list will be completely overwritten with the imported data. Previously created data in this price list will not be available after the import.
Example of 'Navigational fee' calculation

'Navigational fee' has been added to 'Airport fees.

It could be used to include the cost of Permits (overflight/landing), Slots etc.

It is calculated based on the number of departures and landings at an airport.


In the screenshot on the right there is the following routing:


Considering that the 'Navigational fee' is set to €200 for each airport, the total will be calculated as per below:

  • LTN - 2 x €200
  • WAW - 4 x €200
  • AMS - 2 x €200
  • RKE - 2 x €200

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