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 Saved Airport pricing is displayed on the main screen - click it to amend it. Saved Airport pricing is displayed on the main screen - click it to amend it.
 +=== '​Airport Fees' import ===
 +[{{ :​leon:​sales:​Importing Airport Fees 1.png?​300|Option to import airport fees}}]
 +It is possible to import aircraft fees from XLS/CSV file to airport fees section by following below steps:
 +  - Go to Sales > Fees > Airport Fees
 +  - Click on {{:​leon:​sales:​Importing Airport Fees icon.png?​nolink|}} button located in the top-right corner
 +  - In the '​Import airport fees' pop-up upload the file
 +  - Press '​IMPORT'​ button
 +  - Once the prices have imported, '​SAVE'​ the new Airport pricelist
 +<span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​150%;">​IMPORTANT!</​span>​
 +[{{ :​leon:​sales:​Importing Airport Fees 2.png?​300|Columns Layout comparison}}]
 +**The columns names** in the XLS/CSV file has to match the columns names in the '​Aircraft fees' section. Otherwise, the prices will not upload.
 +<​box>​**The selected airport price list will be completely overwritten with the imported data. Previously created data in this price list will not be available after the import.**</​box>​
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