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Fixed Routes

Fixed Routes functionality is available under the 'Aircraft Fees'.

How to create it

It allows the creation of fixed fees for indicated routings as per below:

'Fixed Routes' settings
  1. Click on the Fixed Routes + button
  2. In the 'Fixed Routes' section start inserting the airport codes of the routing. Upon selecting the first Airport code, the box for the next airport will appear
  3. Insert the price for the routing
  4. Currency is a default one per Airport Fee pricelist to which the 'Fixed Routing' is being added
  5. Insert the validity dates. If the validity dates fields are left blank the Fixed Route prices will be valid indefinitely
  6. Save changes

It is possible to add many routings in one 'Fixed Routes' section. Clicking on the Fixed Routes + button will add another line to the section.

It is not possible to add identical 'Fixed Routes' within one pricelist. Leon will check if added routing is unique and if not the warning will appear:

How it works

'Fixed Routes' un the request

When creating a request, Leon will check if the routing within the quote matches the routing in the 'Fixed Routes' of the pricelist assigned to the aircraft.

'Fixed Routes' are searched on the legs with PAX.

Empty legs are not included in the pricing and the quote that includes empty legs is priced based only on the 'Fixed Routes' pricing.

If the 'Fixed Routes' is applied, only the 'Fixed Route' item appears in the quote pricing. This is the only item that applies.

This also applies to Avinode requests.

If the fixed route is not found then the quote is priced using the standard pricelist.

If there are changes to the itinerary that match 'Fixed Routes', the 'Fixed Routes' can be applied when:

  • clicking on the 'APPLY' button - accepting changes if the itinerary was changed using the 'EDIT QUOTE' option
  • clicking on the 'Itinerary' option available under the 'RECALCULATE' button

It is not possible to add the 'Fixed Routes' item pricing manually within the quote.

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