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Fleet Planning

This feature allows you to plan the fleet for scheduled trips (if no aircraft has been assigned yet), or to change already assigned fleet. It can be particulary useful if you add commercial orders with many flights, but you do not know what aircraft will be available for what flights.

Fleet Planning - tails assignment for scheduled flights

Go to MX > Fleet Planning section and in the filter select period of time. You can also choose aircraft type or the airport 'From' and/or 'To'. Fleet colours in this screen correspond with what has been defined in the section 'Fleet' when editing a particular aircraft.

On this page you will see a list of all flights scheduled for the selected period of time. The list is divided by routes. Column 'FC' displays number of sectors. Next to that you will find registration numbers of the fleet.

In case of the same aircraft being assigned to 2 routes with colliding schedules (i.e. BLOFF of the 2nd flight is before BLON of the 1st one), Leon will show CONFLICT next to conflicted flights.

You can also assign the same aircraft for all flights in a selected period of time by ticking the checkbox right below the aircraft registration.

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