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This section gives you a quick overview of flight details as well as allows you to add other properties to the flight.

Tab FLIGHT - flight edition with additional options

In this section you can specify:

  • Date of departure - select it from the calendar.
  • Flight number - automatically filled out if selected aircraft is configured to use specific flight number as the default one (see Fleet section). Change of aircraft will change the flight number, or will leave it blank if no Flight number specified in Fleet section.
  • Aircraft - Aircraft registration. If you select it, aircraft type will be filled out automatically. If you change the aircraft registration, and the new aircraft has a different Flight Number assigned to it, new flight number will automatically apply to the flight.
  • A/C type - you can select aircraft type only without specifying aircraft registration. This is useful if you know what aircraft type is going to fly a particular trip but you do not know which tail. If there is only one registration assigned to one type, this registration will apply automatically.
  • Departure/Destination - Airports of Departure and Destination. Leon also displays name of an airport, city and timezone.
  • STD/STA - Scheduled times of departure and arrival. STA can be calculated by Leon if relevant field are filled in Fleet section. Clicking in Z/LT converts times respectively from UTC to LT and vice versa.
  • TBC - checkbox that allows confirming the flight times. Checkbox 'Show TBC (To Be Confirmed) option on the flight' can be activated in 'Settings' > 'Flight editing'. Fields 'STD'/'STA' still have to be inserted before saving 'TBC' flight. 'TBC' will appear instead of 'STD'/'STA' in the CALENDAR view only
  • CMT - Commercial Time. CMT together with the amount input in 'Wage' column in 'Aircraft Crew Poitions' section will calculate Crew Wages. The result of this calculation is presented in 'Block Time by Function' report.
  • ALTN/ALTN2 - click on a field to get a list of the nearest airports with a radius of up to 54NM. Leon will list up to 20 ALTN Airports in the suggestion box. ALTN airports appear in OPS list in brackets. You can also define default alternate airports in Airport Directory panel, tab 'General'.
  • Distance - Leon shows the distance in NM - this field is being filled in automatically.
  • ICAO Type - (ICAO flight plan type). This is one letter code according to ICAO: S-scheduled, N-non-scheduled, G-general, X-other and M-military.
  • Rule - select IFR, VFR or other rules.
  • Rest Facility - an option to select a facility for the augmented crew, in order to have Max FDP extended according to OM7 regulations.
  • Rotation - define a default 'Rotation time' for each aircraft in its edition page, a field 'Minimum Ground Time'.
  • AOC - posibility to select between AOCs (if more than 1 AOC implemented). It is also possible to select 'None' if no FTLs should apply. When creating new flight, Default AOC will be assigned.
  • Add tag - possibility to tag particular flights.

It's also possible to select a colour for each single tag (slide with a button to choose it). If you want to filter flight by a particular tag you can do that in right-hand filter (tab MORE, a field Tags).

You can remove the unwanted tag by hover a mouse over it, click appearing bin icon and confirm delete.

There are also two fields to add notes: OPS NOTES & SALES NOTES. Information added in OPS Notes will show in the Trip Sheet. To check history of changes in these 2 fields click icon in top-right corner.

A tab FLIGHT opens automatically regardless which part of the flight-belt you click in a section OPS

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