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Flight's Checklist

Once the flight has been added to Leon, OPS team can start preparing it for dispatch by working on particular sectors in 'Legs Info' screen. From 'Flights list' page you can go to 'Legs Info' screen by clicking on the dot, in the column 'Status' or by clicking Flight number. From 'Calendar' page you can get there by editing a flight and clicking on the 'Legs Info' icon at the bottom-right corner of the window.

If the flight has more than one sector, you can edit each one of them and switch between them on the legs status edit page without going back to the flights view. It can be usefull if there is a lot of data that needs to be changed at the same time. In such case you can tick the box 'Save data after leg change' above the tabs to avoid losing stored data. If you do not mark this box, Leon will require you to click 'Update leg'.

The Checklist

The tabs you need displayed inside the 'Checklist' window can be selected in Flight editing section. It is important to know that the checklist items saved after adding a flight will not show in the OPS checklist of an old flight but will only apply to the flights added afterwards.

Some of the available sections include:

The checklist tooltip - hover the mouse over the status dot to view
  • FPL - Flight Plan (ATC) - all information relevant to the specific planned flight.
  • OFPL - Operational Flight Plan, which is prepared for the crew with fuel details, point names, winds, etc.
  • A/C performance
  • Crew aware of trip - once the crew is assigned to the trip you can set the status to 'ACK'. If you make any changes in crew assigment for that flight, the 'Crew aware of trip' status in 'Legs Info' will turn from 'ACK” to '?'
  • Overflight permission - in the tab 'Ops' you can either add it by clicking on 'add new permit' and choose the country from the list (recommended) or just paste it in the notes-field.
  • Landing permission - it can be added in the same way as overflight permission (see above).
  • Airport slots - split into 2 sections: ADEP & ADES.
  • PPR - Prior Permit Required.
  • Ops notes - for internal usage (do not appear on any documents).
  • Notes - these notes will appear on the 'Trip Sheet' document.
  • Fuel - you can add fuel prices and the amount as well as upload your own fuel prices (more information here).
  • Handling - split into 2 sections, same as 'Airport slots'. For each particular airport you can choose a handling agent you wish to use (also see section Airport Directory for more information as to how to set default handling agents).
  • Crew transport - you can specify the mode of transportation, hotel or other HOTAC details for your crew (see tab 'Crew').
  • Pax - list of passengers, which can be added in 2 ways: text or database (you can set default pax list type in General Settings. Pax can also be added from 'Calendar' page. When the number of passengers added to the flight exceedes aircraft capacity (inserted in 'Fleet edit' screen), Leon will issue a warning (see screenshot on the right).
  • Pax transport - divided into 2 sections: ADEP & ADES transport (also can be specified from Sales > Calendar page).

Sections directly related to Sales are separately divided in Flight editing page where you can select the sales checklist status to be included in overall trip status.

  • Flight briefing - details including: take-off & enroute data, aerodrome forecast or remarks.
  • Catering - add information that will be available to your crew about pax food/drinks preferences. You can also specify different catering preferences in the Phonebook.
  • Crew transport - transport for crew from /to ADEP & ADES airport.
  • Hotel - available in the tab 'Crew' - you can select a hotel for crew (or it can appear automatically if set as default/favourite in 'Airport Directory' screen, when editing a particular airport) and also you can mark if breakfast, lunch or dinner are provided.
  • Ground transport - transport for pax from /to ADEP & ADES airport (it can be also set in 'Calendar' screen).
  • Contract signed - signed by a client or a broker.
  • Invoice - whether it has been sent and if payment has been received.
All sections from the tab 'Checklist' are also available in separate tabs: Ops, Fuel, Handling, Crew, Pax, Catering and additional Flight watch, where more details can be edited. Changes in tab 'Checklist' affect other tabs and vice-versa.

Each section has its own drop down menu where by default the status checklist-default.png (untouched) is selected (nothing was done about this item) by default. Various sections have different options with different colours assigned.

The colour of dot on the 'Flights list' page gives you a quick information about flight preparation status.

  • green-dot.png - flight is ready - everything has been prepared.
  • yellow-dot.png - flight is not ready - some items are waiting to be confirmed.
  • red-dot.png - flight is not ready - some items require work done.
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