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Flight editing

General settings

  • Default trip type - each added trip will have a chosen type: PAX, Flight for owner, Training flight, Simulator, Technical, Ambulance, Crew private or Cargo.
  • Trip edit scheme - allows to set PAX/Cargo or both as default values to be entered into the EDIT TRIP panel.
  • Check airport opening hours - Leon can monitor airports opening hours and show a warning if you try to add a flight where STD/STA are outside the opening hours.
  • Hide status for scheduled flights - flight status dot will be invisible for scheduled flights in OPS section page.
  • Show max range exceeding warning - max aircraft range can be defined in an aircraft edition page.
  • Default Trip Note - If set, new flight is initialised with this trip note text. This text will be displayed in 'Calendar'> Trip edit > Notes section.
  • Allow not completed JL to be entered - this option allows you to add not completed 'Journey Log' to the system (more details can be found under Journey Log).
  • Create trainings for FO - an option to include automatically FO to trainings (online or practical ones) at airports.
  • Auto update expiry training date - this setting will automatically update airport recency for the pilot given the checkbox “Airport recency” is marked in the Airport Directory and the journey logs are filled in correctly.
  • Enable instructors to count toward augmented crew - if this checkbox is ticked, Leon will include 'INS' ratings towards in-flight rest FDP extension

Flight time suggestions based on

This section allows selecting the options which will be used for flight time suggestions. The options available are:

  • GCG
  • GCD - historical average winds
  • Historical flights
  • RouteFinder
Journey Log Item section

Journey Log Items

There is a variety of check-boxes to choose from when it comes to adjusting your Journey Log in Leon: Distance, PAX, Block fuel and many others. These can be added at any time and will update in JL immediately.

Apart from default JL items, it is also possible to set up a default fuel density for Jet A-1 and AVGAS.

OPS Checklist Items

By ticking particular check-boxes you can define what items will be available in your OPS Checklist screen by default (when adding new flights). Marking further items will NOT apply to the past flights but to new flights only, however, in OPS checklist you can click a button Add item and add it to existing flights. We can extend this list with custom checklist items, if required by the operator.

Sales checklist

Same as with OPS checklist - mark appropriate checkboxes and in OPS checklist (tab Sales) they will be available. Custom sales items can also be added by request.

Custom Delay Codes - here you can define your own Delay Codes which then will be used in Journey Log and Flight Watch.

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