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Flight Watch

There is already available a new MVT emails panel where you can define templates for each aircraft and when Flight Watch data arrives to Leon (either inserted manually or from Eurocontrol) movement email will be sent out to the recipients, clients or handling agents. Read MVT Messages manual chapter for more details

Flight watch allows you to monitor current status of active flights. By moving the mouse over the column 'FW' you can track flight details such as: BLOFF, T/O, ETA etc…

Flight Watch window - possibility of adding flight times and sending takeoff/landing reports

Once you have added BLOFF you can go to Timeline to see the realization of the flight strip.

You can enter all required flight movements manually or you can have them downloaded automatically into 'Flight watch' by customizing the copy of movement email from SITA, SATCOM, ACARS, and EUROCONTROL to be re-directed to This way flight movements are being also sent out automatically to clients/brokers.

Once you have entered data into 'Flight Watch', in the 'Flights list' screen - column 'FW' appropriate letters will appear:

  • A - airborne
  • S - slot
  • D - delay when delay code entered
  • d - delay when ETD entered
  • + - trip completed
You can enter multiple delay codes in the 'Delay' field. The format of delay codes is: AA/MM BB/MM CC/MM …. where AA, BB, CC etc. are delay codes and MM is the delay in minutes.

Entering data into some of fields will trigger sending of notifications if they have been set up.

It is also possible to generate 'Take off' and 'Landing Reports' that can be sent to selected email addresses upon enetering appropriate data in the Flight Watch. The reports can be sent out via two different methods (see below).

Take off/Landing reports

Sending aircraft movement emails - method 1

'Flight Watch' details can be used for sending out aircraft movement messages called 'Take off report' and 'Landing report' to clients, brokers or persons concerned. There are two methods of generating and sending such reports.

  • Method 1:

Go to Quotations section and tick 'Enable' box so that this option can be activated. In the space 'Email From' add email address from which messages should be sent. You can also add an 'Bcc' email address if you want to receive a copy of the message.

In a tab Trip Info you can add an email address where the MVT email should be sent - that email address appears in a tab Quotation > General of Calendar secion (flight edition screen).

Another step requires adding details to the 'Flight Watch' movement: T/O (Take Off) and/or ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Once you have clicked 'Update' in 'Flight Watch' screen, details will appear in the “Take Off Report” sent to a client/broker“.

Takeoff Report FLIGHT NO: MAN

Departure Airport: UUWW - VNUKOVO Destination Airport: EPWA - FREDERIC CHOPIN ETA: 24-Apr-2013 1300 UTC / 24-Apr-2013 1500 LCL

After the aircraft has landed, you can add LDG (Landing) time to 'Flight Watch' - new movement message will be sent titled: ”Landing Report“:

Landing Report FLIGHT NO: MAN

Landing time: 24-Apr-2013 1312 UTC / 24-Apr-2013 1512 LCL Departure Airport: UUWW - VNUKOVO Destination Airport: EPWA - FREDERIC CHOPIN

In case of a situation where two sectors are on the same day but are two separate quotations that come from different clients/brokers, Leon will send 'Takeoff Report' to both of them. Let's assume that client John Smith has bought a flight WAW-VKO and client Ian Davis has bought a flight VKO-WAW – we have one trip but two different clients/brokers. In this case John Smith will receive 'Takeoff Report' as usual, however, Ian Davis will receive that report without 'Departure Airport' details as to him the most important information is T/O and ETA:

Takeoff Report FLIGHT NO: MAN

Takeoff time: 24-Apr-2013 1110 UTC / 24-Apr-2013 1510 LCL Destination Airport: EPWA - FREDERIC CHOPIN ETA: 24-Apr-2013 1300 UTC / 24-Apr-2013 1500 LCL

Similar situation is with 'Landing Report' - client John SMith will get usual message, however, client Ian Davis will receive only information about the landing time at VKO, as this information concerns his flight VKO-WAW:

Landing Report FLIGHT NO: MAN

Landing time: 24-Apr-2013 1312 UTC / 24-Apr-2013 1512 LCL Destination Airport: EPWA - FREDERIC CHOPIN

Reports are not being sent out for empty legs.

  • Method 2:
Aircraft movement report - method 2

Go to Fleet section and select aircraft to create a default message that will be included in the reports. Select MVT Emails tab and tick 'Enable sending MVT e-mail messages'. This opens a form that needs to be filled in with the appropriate data. Mandatory fields are marked by red asterix. It is possible to enter several email addresses (separated by comma) to which the reports should be sent. In the content field of the reports use 'Patterns' available below to get the desired data filled in automatically by the system and to create the entire message.

For example, type in: “Takeoff report: Flight no. [FLIGHT_NO], Departure on [DAY] [MONTH] [YEAR], Acft Reg. [REGISTRATION], ADEP: [APT_DEP], ADES: [APT_DES], Block off time: [BLOFF], [BLOFF_L], Take off time: [TAKE_OFF], [TAKE_OFF_L], Pax no. [PAX]”. All info in the square brackets [ ] will be automatically inserted in the report by the application. As you can see in the screnshot below, you can include both LT and UTC. Click 'Show sample message' to preview the email that will be used to send reports (see below).

MVT sample.png

In the field CC you can add manually email address (one or more, separated by comma) where a copy of MVT message should be sent out. You can also add a specific CC email address for a particular airport in Sales > Calendar screen, by clicking on the white envelope: koperta.png By default, there is always a handling agent's email address added to CC emails, selected previously in Legs Info > Handling.

Defining takeoff / landing reports

Once you complete the entire message do not forget to click 'Update' at the bottom of the page to save the default message.

The same set up needs to be done for each aircraft requiring reports to be sent.

When the set up is completed the reports are ready to be generated and sent off to appropriate persons specified earlier. Once the Flight Watch data is entered you can select 'Send Takeoff Report' and/or 'Landing Report' and automatically generated message will be sent out. If you do not want the message to be sent - unselect the appropriate fields.

You will notice, that in the field 'CC' all email addresses will show up: handling agent's email address (added by default) plus those added manually either in Calendar or Fleet edit > MVT Emails sections (see below).

Importing movement messages

Movement messages can be imported to Leon if they are being sent to email address and if they are in one of the below formats:

  • SITA format message
  • SATCOM format message

SITA format

  • Departure message

sita dep msg.png

  • Arrival message

sita arr msg.png

You can also add delay code/codes to the MVT email and they will appear in the Flight Watch. Delay codes need to be input in a proper format:

Code/Time Code/Time (a space between the 1st and the 2nd code is necessary)

MVT delay codes.png

SATCOM format

Takeoff Report and Landing Report messages imported to Leon need to be in specific formats. Once such messages are received they will be automatically added to 'Flight Watch' in Leon (BLOFF when Takeoff Report sent and BLON when Landing Report sent). See the example of the flight below.

Takeoff Report format


Takeoff Report for AC-REG


Takeoff Report

Off Time: 11-Jun-2013 0700 UTC / 11-Jun-2013 0900 LCL

Departure Airport: LIML - LINATE

Destination Airport: LIRA - CIAMPINO

ETA 11-Jun-2013 0800 UTC / 11-Jun-2013 1000 LCL

Landing Report format


Landing Report for AC-REG


Landing Report

On Time: 11-Jun-2013 1000 UTC / 11-Jun-2013 1200 LCL

Departure Airport: LIML - LINATE

Destination Airport: LIRA - CIAMPINO

ACARS format

ACARS movement emails can be sent out in the same way as SATCOM or SITA - to the email address and Leon will update Flight Watch with details input in the mvt email.

Below you can find appropriate formats which should be used.

  • OFF REPORT extended version

Subject: A-BCDE OFFRP (where A-BCDE is acft reg number)



10-JUN-2015 15:00:00




OUT TIME: 1456

OFF TIME: 1500


ETA: 1554

  • OFF REPORT simplified version

Subject: A-BCDE OFFRP (where A-BCDE is acft reg number)






TIME: 1456

  • IN REPORT extended version

Subject: A-BCDE INRP (where A-BCDE is acft reg number)



10-JUN-2015 16:00:00




ON TIME: 1600

IN TIME: 1610


  • IN REPORT simplified version

Subject: A-BCDE INRP (where A-BCDE is acft reg number)






TIME: 1600

FOB: 0470

The format of the 'subject' & 'message' MUST be always the same, which means, that if you add anything to the text in either 'subject' or 'message' format, the message WILL NOT get imported into the 'Flight Watch'.


Flight Watch from Eurocontrol

It is possible to receive Flight Watch times automatically to Leon from Eurocontrol servers.

Eurocontrol is an international organisation working to achieve safe and seamless air traffic management across Europe. Eurocontrol works with national authorities, air navigation service providers, civil and military airspace users, airports, and other organisations. Its activities involve all gate-to-gate air navigation service operations: strategic and tactical flow management, controller training, regional control of airspace, safety-proofed technologies and procedures, and collection of air navigation charges. For more information, please visit Eurocontrol website.

In order to integrate with Eurocontrol, you have to open a section Integrations, click ENABLE button, then switch the Status to ON and save changes.

If the Operator ICAO code in the section Settings > Handling Request tab is the same as registered with Eurocontrol, the integration will be completed upon saving changes. If the ICAO code in Leon doesn't match the one registered with Eurocontrol, you will see an error message saying “Operator ICAO not recognized by Eurocontrol”.

When the integration is completed, Flight Watch in Leon will start receiving flight times from Eurocontrol servers. You will recognise them by opening a Flight Watch and hovering the mouse over the time value, as shown in the screenshot above. Eurocontrol will only send Block off, Take off, Landing and Block on times.

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