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Flights List

Flights List - a view on flights, positionings and office duties

Flights List is the basic view for flights, positionings, office or training duties. It is usually used by OPS department for flight preparation. On the screenshot you can see the default view of flights for new user accounts.

After logging in, every user can change this setting in the profile edit section.

In this view: crew positioning, office work or cancelled flights can also be listed together with active flights. The filter can be used to select what kind of information should be visible on the list, what aircraft flights should be displayed, to/from what airport, etc…

You can also specify whether flights should be grouped by trips or by aircraft registration.

Colour coding allows quick identification of aircraft performing flight or can distinguish between flight codes (those codes can be assigned to each flight to label flights for later statistics - see Flight codes for more information).

Bus icon bus.png is used to mark positioning, computer icon komp.png is used to mark office work.


  • Checkboxes - The first column of the Flights List view contains list of checkboxes for the selection of flights. A number of actions can be performed on these flights available in the small drop down menu at the bottom of the list. Ticking the checkbox (or number of them for one trip) and clicking the right button of the mouse will allow to print/preview documents, see schedule, see crew details and delete the flight/leg.
  • FW - Flight Watch. This column contains symbols representing the status of the flight progress. It also allows to see details like BLOCK OFF, BLOCK ON, ETD, T/O etc. when hovering the mouse over the column. More detailed description about flight watch is available in a separate section of the manual.
  • Flight No. - Flight number. Clicking the number will redirect to the Legs info page.
  • D - Day of the week, Mon - Monday, Tue - Tuesday, … Sun - Sunday.
  • Date - Date of departure.
  • STD, STA - Scheduled Time of Departure and Scheduled Time of Arrival (block times). When you move mouse pointer over the time, you can see local time in respective airports.
  • ADEP, ADES - Airport of departure, Airport of destination. ICAO or IATA codes (depending on your profile preferences - see profile settings). When you move the mouse over airport code, full airport name can be seen, and when clicked, additional pop-up window appears containing detailed information about specific airport. Each airport can be highlighted (see screenshot) to show that airport is category B or C. If a dashed, red line around the airport code is visible, it means that the training is required. If there is an asterisk mark it means you have specified airport briefing as required, however have not uploaded it into the application. For more details about airport directory, please see a dedicated manual page for this section.
  • ALTN - Alternate airport for ICAO flight plan.
  • ACFT - Aircraft tail number.
  • Crew - Crew member codes planned for the specific flight. When the mouse is moved over crew member, his telephone number can be seen. If crew member code is displayed in red, it indicates FTL rules violation. If Crew member's name is highlighted yellow it means that the crew is close to exceeding his Cummulative Duty Rules (set up upon request). You can find out more about the problem by clicking on the code. When crew member is displayed with pink background, it means that airport briefing for this crew member is missing (only if the flight is planned on the airport where such briefing is required). Asterisk symbol next to the crew member code (usually CPT) indicates Pilot In Command (PIC).
  • Documents - document package for specific flight. The number is usually a consecutive number in a given month followed by month and year (do not confuse this with the date).
  • PAX - number of passengers. 'empty' is used to indicate empty legs. When you see '0', it means the number of passengers is unknown but the flight is not treated as an empty leg.
  • Edit - pencil icon in this column allows to edit the flight.
  • JL - indicates whether Journey Log can be enetered (click icon niebieski-plus.png). An icon not-completed-jl.png means that JL is not fully added - fuel data is missing. An icon completed-jl.png means that all JL details have been inserted. An icon deleted JL.png shows that JL has been canceled.
  • Status - status of the flight preparation. Indicates if the flight is ready for dispatch. It is similar to the traffic light signalisation. Red - flight is not ready, yellow - almost ready, green - ready. When mouse is hovered over the dot, pop-up window with flight preparation details shows up. More details about the flight preparation checklist can be found on the separate manual page.
  • WB - Weight & Balance. If weight & balance module is configured for a particular aircraft, it can be accessed here. If you are interested in having weight & balance configured for your fleet, please contact Leon on

Filter settings

Date & fleet in the main filter
Advanced options in the filter

You can use the filter in order to limit list of displayed flights or other activities, by clicking 'show filter' link, right below your operator code.

At the top of the filter you can select which date range you want the data to be displayed. You can choose among three different methods of selecting date range.

By clicking link Now at the top, you can select one (current) day. By clicking on Earlier or Later, the date range will change according to number of days chosen in the filter for example if the date range is from 27-07-2015 to 28-07-2015, clicking on later will change the range to 29-07-2015 until 30-07-2015.

When label Aircraft or Advanced is clicked, additional filter options are visible and you can use various filtering criteria. Most of the options are self explanatory. Below you can find explained those which are not obvious:

  • Group by - specify how flights are listed. If Trips are used, Leon sorts legs using operation blocks sorted by the start of the trip (time of departure of the first flight of the trip). Sorting by 'trip' has the effect of grouping flights into blocks performed by the same aircraft. This way flights are more readable. If A/C Reg is selected, Leon will sort by Aircraft Registration in daily blocks, starting from the earliest Time of departure.
  • Flight type - ICAO flight type character - each trip has ICAO flight type assigned to it.
  • Airport - put an airport code to view flights from/to that airport only. Click more to be able to filter from selected ADEP and/or ADES.
  • Person - type a crew code to list only flights where this particular crew member is planned.
  • Legs per page - select how many trips/legs (depending on your 'Sort by' setting) is displayed on a single page.

Generating documents

Printing documents in Leon > Flights List

If you want to print documents only for selected flights you need to select the flight(s) for which you want your documents to be generated. You can select flights using checkboxes from the first column within the list. You can always mark all legs of a particular trip to get all information on the same document.

Go to THIS LINK to get information as to how to print documents in Leon.

Only flights for the same aircraft registration can be grouped into one document package.

If you want to generate only a cover page for all documents (containing summary of the trip), you can click on the document package number without opening documents menu. You can find more details about documents generated in Leon in the separate manual page - Documents for flights.

Notify Crew

Option 'Notify crew' - sending flight documents to assigned crew

Notify crew is a facility that allows you to send emails with attached flight documents to the crew assigned to a selected flight.

If you click on “Notify Crew” in the toooltip it will open a New Message Dashboard. Email addresses of the Crew members assigned to a flight will be pre-populated in the “To” section. You can add extra email addresses in the box available.

Subject is always route and the date of the trip. You can also add a tag and write a message.

Flight documents attached by default are:

  • FTL document
  • Trip Sheet
  • Flight Order
  • Airport Briefs

It is possible to send all of them in one email or choose the ones that you want to send.

Apart from the documents available by default you can also attach extra files of up to 12MB in total.

You can also define Reply to and CC email address in section Settings > General

Notify Crew 2.png

Other available features such as confirming familiarisation with an email and replying to one are explained in Messages section.

Other options

You can mark selected flights in the 'Flights List' and choose available actions in the drop-down box (when right-click the mouse).

  • Delete - mark flights you want to delete and confirm the action.
  • Show schedule - the schedule appears in a specific format: day of flight, flight number, ADEP, ETD, ETA, ADES, number of pax.


  • Show crew - crew details appear in the format: name, D.O.B., passport number, nationality, passport expiry date.


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