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FDP Calculator

FTL Calculator - quick FDP & Duty time calculation

FDP Calculator is a tool that helps you planning Crew duties with accordance to Flight Time Limitations.

As you can see in the screenshot, it takes the following values into consideration:

  • Start of duty - this is reporting time for duty.
  • No. of planned sectors - number of sectors planned for one duty.
  • Split Start - STA of flight preceding split.
  • Split End - STD of flight following split.

Basic FDP lenght calculation is based on the Max FDP table implemented in Leon (as in an operator OM-7). Basic duty includes reporting and post-flight duty times and is based on MAX FDP.

Latest time on blocks is the latest time allowed for Block On. This is Basic duty reduced by the check out time.

The calculations include:

  • Standard Crew - max FDP calculated for standard crew
  • FDP+ - max FDP with extension
  • Double Crew - max FDP for augmented crew
All times are in Local Time. LT refers to the time zone for which the crew are acclimatised to.
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