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FTL Settings

FTL Settings section

This section allows you to review the FTL Settings that are implemented based on OM part 7.

Apart from very specific settings you can also:

  • Export to Excel - option to export the settings to excel file. The file will include the settings parameters as well as the explanation of each parameter definition.
  • AOC - the name of the AOC. If there are more than the one you can check the settings of each by choosing the AOC you would like to see in the drop-down. This is the AOC that is chosen in the OPS > Flight tab.
  • AOC Revision - field indicating the date of the last AOC revision (change). If it is set to 'initial', it means that this AOC applies form the very beginning.
  • Aircraft - marked aircraft assigned by default to the chosen AOC. If ticked, this means that the FTL times will automatically apply to the Crew when the flight is created. If unticked, it means that there might be another 'AOC' created (AOC dropdown) or this AOC does not apply to this aircraft.

Cumulative Duty Limit Notification Service is explained below.

Cumulative Duty Notification

This function is available upon request - limits are customised by Leon Support depending on the operator's preferences. To set up a margin that triggers the facility, please contact Leon Support at

Cumulative Duty Notification is a facility that provides information when cumulative duty is close to the maximum level (just before it is exceeded).

Cummulative Duty Notification - Setup screen

There are following options available:

  1. End limit (days from the actual time) - in this field input number of days forward for Leon to check 'Cumulative duty'.
  2. E-Mail to notification - in this field input email addresses to which notifications should be sent.
  3. Notify crew member checkbox - if this checkbox is ticked, the notification email will also be sent to the crew member to whom the notification applies

When this is defined, a notification email is sent whenever Cumulative duty hours for a member of the crew are over the stated value.

Email reads:

new email.png

FDP extension options

Option to plan FDP extension in CREW tab

It is possible to select an extension mode. In order to do that please contact

Each of the modes will affect how'FDP extensions' should work: whether it should apply automatically or only in case of violation (default setting).

There are 3 modes to choose from in 'FTL Settings':

  • at any FDP violation - FTL extension mode that applies FDP+ whenever FDP violation appears during realization, regardless of the plan. This means that FDP+ does not have to be planned in order to be applied
  • at planned FDP violation - FTL extension mode that applies FDP+ whenever FDP violation appears during both plan and realization. This means that FDP+ must be planned in order to be applied
  • always unless manually disabled - FTL extension mode that applies FDP+ always, even if not needed. This mode works best with “Require manual enabling of FDP+” checked in 'Flight editing' settings (if this checkbox is ticked, 'FDP+' in 'CREW“ tab is unticked by default)

FDP+ Gen Settings.png

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