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Fuel Prices settings

In this section, it is possible to set up the default fuel settings per Operator.

The 'Fuel' section is divided into two subsections:

  • Fuel Settings
  • Exclude Fuel Suppliers Imports

Both subsections are explained below.

Fuel Settings

In this subsection, basic settings for fuel and fuel prices can be set up:

'Fuel Settings' subsection
  • Default fuel unit - option to select kg or lbs. This will be used as a default unit, unless an aircraft has it defined differently in its profile (in Fleet section). In this case, Leon takes the aircraft fuel & weight units as default (displayed in the Journey Log)
  • Default currency for fuel prices - default currency used in the Fuel Prices section as well as the Fuel tab in the OPS section
  • Default quantity unit for fuel prices - default unit for fuel prices used in the Fuel Prices section as well as the Fuel tab in the OPS section
  • Default price type for fuel prices - default price type used in the Fuel tab in the OPS section

Exclude Fuel Suppliers Imports

'Exclude Fuel Suppliers Imports' subsection

In this subsection, it is possible to exclude the Fuel Suppliers from displaying in the Fuel Prices section.

This will allow displaying the Fuel Suppliers that are actually used in the Fuel Prices section.

Excluding the Fuel Suppliers is very simple. Click on the Add fuel supplier import to exclude button and select the Fuel Supplier in the dropdown. Click on the 'Update' button to save changes.

Once the list of excluded Fuel Suppliers is saved, the selected ones will not appear in the Fuel Prices section.

As per the below example, the 'Britannium Jet' supplier was excluded. Upon saving, it was removed from the list of available suppliers in the Fuel Prices section:

Numerous Fuel Suppliers can be selected before updating changes

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