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Adding crew functions to fleet

Once aircraft are added to Leon you need to add appropriate functions (crew positions) to it. It is very important part of the system because it will allow you to add ratings, assign crew to flights and create duty on aircraft.

In this section select an aircraft type in the filter and mark needed checkboxes.

You can see 5 columns in this section:

  • Use / Function / Default - If you want to use added function every time you add a new flight (i.e. CPT and FO) mark checkboxes in both columns: Use and Default. If some added funtions should remain hidden in the Editing flight page, just leave column 'Use' marked. To use it, when it's necessary, click on the icon expanding.png in the 'Edit Flight' section.
  • Wage - basic way of calculating wages
  • Notes - basic information regarding function i.e. notes next to FO could be 'Copilot'. Notes remain in this section are are NOT displayed anywhere else in Leon.

You can assign function to each part of you business (Flying crew, Maintenance, Ground) by going to different tabs in the top of the screen.

Positioning tab will allow you to assign functions that do not calculate FDP but duty only (PSN) or neither FDP nor Duty (PAD).

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