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-====== Functions ====== 
-[{{ :​leon:​admin-functions:​functions.png?​400|Adding crew functions to fleet}}] 
-Once [[leon:​fleet|aircraft are added]] to Leon you need to add appropriate **functions** (crew positions) to it. It is very important part of the system because it will allow you to add [[leon:​ratings|ratings]],​ [[leon:​edit-flight-ops|assign crew to flights]] and [[leon:​cdr-definition|create duty on aircraft]]. 
-In this section select an aircraft type in the filter and mark needed checkboxes. 
-You can see 5 columns in this section: 
-  * **Use / Function / Default** - If you want to use added **function** every time you add a new flight (i.e. CPT and FO) mark checkboxes in both columns: **Use** and **Default**. If some added funtions should remain hidden in the [[leon:​edit-flight-ops|Editing flight]] page, just leave column '​Use'​ marked. To use it, when it's necessary, click on the icon {{:​leon:​icons:​expanding.png?​25|}} in the 'Edit Flight'​ section. 
-  * **Wage** - basic way of calculating wages 
-  * **Notes** - basic information regarding function i.e. notes next to **FO** could be '​Copilot'​. Notes remain in this section are are NOT displayed anywhere else in Leon. 
-You can assign function to each part of you business (Flying crew, Maintenance,​ Ground) by going to different tabs in the top of the screen. 
-**Positioning** tab will allow you to assign functions that do not calculate FDP but duty only (PSN) or neither FDP nor Duty (PAD). 
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