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Handling Requests

This tool allows you to save a lot of time on preparing and sending emails to handling agents and/or preparing GAR's (General Aviation Reports).

In Handling requests section in Admin Panel you can define contact details that will later show in “From” section in Handling Request email. In the same section you can also define the Footer that will also be applied to the Handling Request email. Billing info can be set up in Fleet section. Once this is done, handling requests document can be sent out.

After opening the handling tab from Legs Info page, you can see the default items that were previously entered in 'Admin Panel' - Handling Request section. You can always edit these fields and add or delete some items. Uploading and attaching of documents to Handling Request email is also available.

To include HOTAC information in handling request, click the appropriate check box in Crew tab. It is also possible to add HOTAC default details in Handling requests as well as to add additional information if breakfast, lunch or dinner is provided (tick appropriate check-boxes).

If passengers data has been added in the tab 'Pax' it will also be displayed on HR and GAR document.

Sending handling requests emails always concerns only the airport to which the email is sent. This airport will be in BOLD letters in table SCHEDULE in Handling Request email
Handling Requests form - an option of connecting another flight
Changing a handling agent - an option to sedn an updated HR form

Handling Requests are available from Handling tab in OPS Checklist (when you click on the status-dot in Flights List section).

Handling Requests history

Clicking on one of the links will open Handling Request email window and also it will give access to HR History. Handling Request window is fully editable. Let's use EPWA airport as an example (see screenshot on the right).

The date included in the Handling Request email subject is in LT of the airport to which the HR is sent.

You can see that HR gives you an option to connect and disconnect flights to schedule in HR email. Suggested flights are matched by the registration of an aircraft. Matching can be done at any stage of the process i.e. if you sent an email with option None (no connection), you can always send an update with the leg connected. You can also disconnect a flight and send an update.

If you are sending HR to ADEP, Leon will suggest matching 2 flights from before departure time. If you are sending HR to ADES, Leon will suggest matching 2 flights in the future. This includes “Options”.

You also see that when sending HR email to a handling agent at the airport EPWA not only there are details about the arrival flight to EPWA, but also details about the next departure flight from EPWA

Handling Request SEND button corresponds now with the tabs in Handling Request message window. This means that apart from word “SEND” there are:

  • Status of Handling Request - New, Update, Cancel and variations, i.e. if you are sending an Update and Cancellation button will display: “SEND CANCEL (1) UPDATE (1)”.
  • Number of identical requests - this is a number in the bracket, i.e. if there are 2 Update emails sent to 2 different Handlers button will display following information: “SEND UPDATE (2)”

It is also possible to attach and send files along with Handling Request email. This file is then visible and accessible in the History Tab.

Once handling request is sent, the status will change to and the link will change its status from EPWA New Request to EPWA Show History.

In a situation when a handling agent has to be changed on one of multiple leg trip, Handling Request facility will allow to simultaneously send Update email to old handler and new request email to a New Handler:

Cancellation email

In case when one leg of a trip has to be deleted Leon will populate cancellation email ready to be sent. The title of HR email will start with CNL and the wording will clearly request the cancellation of HR facilities.

Sending a cancellation email

As mentioned before, the history of changes is easily accessible from History section via Handling Request link.

If you are sending emails to Handling Agents from external company email account and only want to update manually statuses in Leon, Handling Requests panel will automatically update the information to EPWA Show History and the status in the history section. All you need to do is to change the status and update the screen.

Clicking on the EPWA Show History will display There are no changes to this flight message. Clicking on it enables an option to send Handling email with an update.

Updating Handling Status also updates the Airport Slots to

If one leg is cancelled the status will change to and Handling section will display EPWA Update information. Clicking on it will allow to send Handling request cancellation email. Once the cancellation email was sent, the status will update to

It is possible to decide if a cancellation email should be sent or not (in order to i.e. keep slots booked) by unmarking a handling agent in a HR sheet

All the changes will update Handling Request History link. All the files attached and sent with Handling Request will also be visible and accessible in the History Tab. Handling Request with the status updated manually will have no email information and will only display a message This email wasn't sent to an agent.

Handling Request status changes checklist

It is also possible to choose the elements of the flight that affect Handling Request the status.

In order to do it you have to go to Handling requests tab where you will find HR status changes checklist. Checklist consist of list of items as shown in the screenshot, which when ticked will affect the status and change it to and vice-versa (unticked - changes made to a flight will not change the status). “Time change treshold” allows to set a buffer where when the schedule is changed by fewer minutes than indicated in this option, the HR status will not change.

All the elements of the checklist are ticked by default. Schedule checkbox is ticked and cannot be modified.

Changes to the fligt that affect the status of Handling Request, apart from changing status to , will also change HR link to Airport Name Update. When hovering the mouse over this link, it will display a list of changes in the tooltip.

Changes displayed in a tooltip

My Handling

MyHandling is a different way of sending handling requests used by certain airports.

Integration process with MyHandling software is explained in the Integrations section of the Manual.

Airports using MyHandling do not receive standard email to inbox. Instead they use MyHandling application that stores every handling request sent.

MyHandling functionality

Adventages of this process are:

  • A single operator can process more information and faster
  • All handling requests are grouped
  • Invoicing simplified and clarified

Sending handling requests with MyHandling is exactly the same as sending standard handling requests. Clicking on New Request opens MyHandling request widow.

There are few conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to send requests with MyHandling:

  • Airport must be using MyHandling application
  • If airport is not part of MyHandling facility, standard Handling reuest window will open
  • MyHandling in Leon (new) activates only when aircraft finishes one leg and starts another leg of the same trip at the same airport as shown in the example below
MyHandling unable to be sent alert

  • There must be the same Handling Agent assigned to both legs of one trip
  • Flight number has to be alphanumeric (no special signs)
  • If MyHandling cannot be sent, message will show on the screen. Clicking on the message will open standard handling request window

Sending Updates for the past flights is impossible via MyHandling. In such case Leon will allow you to send an Update via standard Handling Request. This is to update Checklist status automatically. Alternatively, you can send an Update from external email and update the status in Leon manually. You can also log the changes via MyHandling application/website.

Requests send via MyHandling will show in Handling request history tab as they show in standard Handling request history.

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