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Panel 'Insurance' - the main list

'Insurance' section contains the list of Aircraft insurance details and definitions.

The list is presented in the form of a table with the following columns:

  • Name - Insurance name
  • Number - Insurance number
  • Excludes - codes of the excluded countries
  • Actions - hovering the mouse over this column will display the 'Actions' available icons. Currently, only the icon is available


New Insurance window

Click on NEW INSURANCE button to create the new insurance definition.

The following fields are available in the 'Add Insurance' pop-up window:

  • Name - Insurance name
  • Number - Insurance number
  • Notes - field for additional notes
  • Excluded Countries:
    • Country - code of the country not covered by the insurance. It is possible to insert the name or select the name from the dropdown list and Leon will convert it to the code. Adding or removing rows can be managed by + and - options
    • Airports - exception airports within the country that are not covered by the insurance

Once the definition is saved, it will appear on the list of insurances.

If a checklist item 'Insurance' is added as a default one (marked in 'Flight Editing > OPS checklist' panel), when a trip is added to/from 'Excluded countries' airport - Leon will show that item automatically.

It is possible to edit the insurance definition by clicking on the insurance name on the insurance list view.

To delete the insurance, click on the icon in the 'Actions' column on the insurance list view.

Once the definition is created, it can be assigned to the aircraft:

  1. Go to FLEET section
  2. Edit the Aircraft
  3. Go to 'SALES“ tab
  4. Select the relevant insurance in the 'Insurance' dropdown ('Settings' part) and save changes

Currently, only one insurance can be assigned per aircraft.

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