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-===== Down-Route ===== 
-**Down-Route** is an expense management application. 
-It allows recording the expenses and assigning them to the flights. 
-More information about **Down-Route** can be found [[|here]] 
-**How to integrate** 
-The major part of the integration happens in 'Down-Route'. 
-In order to integrate, you need to create an 'API Key' in Leon and forward it to your point of contact at 'Down-Route'. More information about creating an 'API Key' can be found [[leon:api-keys|here]]. 
-'Down-Route' will use this 'API Key' to upload the flights from Leon to their application. 
-**How it works** 
-The process in 'Down-Route': 
-  - Take a picture of your receipts and submit them via web, email, or WhatsApp 
-  - 'Down-Route' will ask additional questions such as to which flight the receipt should be assigned  
-  - 'Down-Route' will scan and process your receipt quickly and efficiently by assigning it to the specific aircraft/flight 
-The expenses included are mainly the ones of the crew such as catering, laundry, hotels, transport, etc 
 ===== FlyEasy Software ===== ===== FlyEasy Software =====
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