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Welcome to the manual of Leon application - online scheduling software for aviation.

Leon is an application allowing to keep track of flights, crew, duties, documents and many other tasks typical for aviation company. General product description is available under company website:

If you need help while using the application and you cannot find it in this manual, please contact Leon customer support by going to

You can use the manual in two ways. First is to browse these pages using table of contents, and second way is to use context help available in different places inside the application. The first way is recommended if you are new to Leon and the second one is useful during the regular, daily usage when you need help on particular, specialized functionality.


Leon is an online application accessible through web browser. Internet connection is required at all times while working with the application.

List of supported browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later versions

Chrome is recommended as it is a browser that is mostly being used during the development process. Internet Explorer is supported, but not recommended due to compatibility issues.

Separate application dedicated for iPhone/iPad is also available. Please search AppStore using phrase 'Leon Software' and install the application on your device. This application can work offline, which is particularly useful for crew members.


Whenever you see white text on the blue background (e.g. Flights) inside the manual text, it means menu entry “Flights”. For example you can add a flight by going to Flights > New flight means to go to the sub-menu of the menu 'Flights' in order to add a flight.

Important notes or tips are marked as the text on the highlighted background.
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