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Journey Log

Journey Log is the post flight information which you can input to Leon after performing the flight.

Before inserting a Journey Log, you can use Flight Watch to monitor flight progress. You can read more about it under a separate section of this manual.

Completed Journey Log

Journey Log includes all actual summary data regarding the realisation of the flight. It might differ from the values adopted for the flight during planning and include some additional information, such as: Delay code, CMT, Pax, Bags, etc…

Many fields in Journey Log are customisable and can be set individually for each operator.

When a trip is added to Leon, in the Flights List screen, a blue plus icon appears niebieski-plus.png. By clicking it you have a possibility to enter all the executed times along with the additional information. Most of the data saved in Journey Log is used in all kinds of reports in Leon.

Completed Journey Log

In case saving incomplete Journey Log, the system will show a warning: “Please fill out all required fields”.

There are 2 kinds of information that need to be entered to Journey Log before saving it:

  • Flight times - BLOFF, T/O, LDG, BLON.
  • Fuel - fields 'Used fuel' and 'Block fuel' are mandatory to be filled in. When leaving 'Used fuel' unfilled, the warning: “Set valid 'Used Fuel' value” will come up. When 'Block fuel' is either left blank or its value is lower than 'Used fuel', the warning: “Block Fuel value cannot be lesser than Used Fuel”.

Not completed Journey Log

It is possible to save a Journey Log without some data inserted into it.

In the Flight editing section of Operator Settings you need to mark a checkbox 'Allow not completed JL to be entered' and save.

You can enter completed flight times to Journey Log (BLOFF, T/O, LDG, BLON) and leave fuel data unfilled, then save changes.

Uncompleted Journey Log

Not completed Journey log is marked in yellow in the 'Flights List' as not-completed-jl.png. Once it's filled in completely it becomes green completed-jl.png

Issuing Journey Log is not mandatory. If you don't want it, click 'Don't issue Journey Log' in Journey Log screen.


It is not possible to add Journey Log to flights with the status 'Option' as well as changing the status of the flight from 'Flight' to 'Option' once Journey Log has been inserted.
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