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Leg Calculations

Leg Calculations - tab 'Ops'

The idea of this module is to allow Sales dept to estimate the cost of a particular trip. Once it is done, OPS dept can check calculations and decide if the trip would be profitable.

The section is divided into 3 parts:

  1. General - here you add trip departure, arrival, aircraft type and additionally notes.
  2. Ops - you can select aircraft registration, month, trip details (time, block, CMT), fuel (total trip fuel usage, minimum fuel required), max payload, flight plan, FIRs, alternate airports, notes, distance, GCD, FPL distance.
  3. Costs - sales team can add here navigation and other costs.

In the filter you can view leg calculations marked as either completed or not used.

You can also set notifications to establish proper work flow for ordering and receiving calculations. Type email address in the field 'Send information about new calculation to:' and/or 'Send information about completed calculation to:'. If you mark the option 'Notify creator when completed' a person who added calculation request will receive a notification about its completion.

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