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-====== Leg Calculations ====== 
-[{{ :​leon:​leg-calculations:​leg-calculation.png?​300|Leg Calculations - tab '​Ops'​}}] 
-The idea of this module is to allow Sales dept to estimate the cost of a particular trip. Once it is done, OPS dept can check calculations and decide if the trip would be profitable. 
-The section is divided into **3** parts: 
-  - **General** - here you add trip departure, arrival, aircraft type and additionally notes. 
-  - **Ops** - you can select aircraft registration,​ month, trip details (time, block, CMT), fuel (total trip fuel usage, minimum fuel required), max payload, flight plan, FIRs, alternate airports, notes, distance, GCD, FPL distance. 
-  - **Costs** - sales team can add here navigation and other costs. 
-In the filter you can view leg calculations marked as either **completed** or **not used**. ​ 
-You can also set **notifications** to establish proper work flow for ordering and receiving calculations. Type email address in the field 'Send information about new calculation to:' and/or 'Send information about completed calculation to:'. 
-If you mark the option '​Notify creator when completed'​ a person who added calculation request will receive a notification about its completion. 
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